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Rebranding: New colours and logos for isahit

May 10, 2021

In order to continue our journey towards our core mission of providing employment opportunities to over 10,000 people worldwide through our digital platform, we have redesigned our brand to best represent our ambitions.

Strongly committed to our values of collaboration, communication, fairness, transparency and caring, we are convinced that together, step by step, stone by stone, we can make the world a better place. We are building the bridges that enable emerging countries and disadvantaged populations to take part in the digital transformation of society. Aligned with the objectives 1, 8 and 10 of the UN: to contribute to the reduction of poverty and inequality, to offer decent and dignified work, in the countries where we are present, we create innovative tools that allow our clients and our collaborators to feel good in the realisation of their projects.

Since the launch in 2017, we have grown very quickly with more than 250 clients who trust us, an international, dynamic and committed community of more than 1,000 HITers* spread over 34 countries on 3 continents (Africa, Asia and South America) and above all a digital platform that is even smarter, more agile and innovative with the development of new tools using artificial intelligence.

HITers: people working on the isahit platform

A new brand identity

The origin of our name isahit (is a "hit": a task that artificial intelligence cannot perform on its own without the help of human intelligence) reflects our mission: to bridge the gap between technology and people. Driven by our development and listening to our employees and clients, we have rethought our brand identity. We reworked the logo and assumed our colours, in line with our values. We wanted an identity that was recognisable at first glance, empathetic and modern at the same time.

The new colours chosen fully express our identity: a trusted, professional, technological brand with strong human values. We are delighted to present our new face.

On the way to new challenges

We have victories to seek and challenges to meet together. Working with us is an opportunity for you to take part in building a desirable future in which everyone can play a part. Through technology as a lever for development and social inclusion combined with what isahit offers, we can together be part of the Tech for people or Impact Sourcing concept, which positively impacts the lives of many people.

Will you be part of it? Tell us your problems, we certainly have a solution adapted to your needs. Let's talk about it!

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