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May 17, 2022

Top 3 Services to Outsource Your Video Labeling Project To

May 17, 2022

Video annotation allows intelligent systems to recognize and identify objects, patterns, and more, based on the labeled data provided to them. 

What is video annotation for machine learning?

Video annotation for computer vision and AI learning is absolutely necessary. An instance it can be used is for training a self-driving car. From training autonomous vehicles to detecting roadblocks, pedestrians, and obstacles are good at determining poses and activities, video tagging has a role to play in training almost any vehicle model. This is perceptual AI. Machine learning and computer vision models can learn using the labeled datasets, eventually used to train the algorithms.

How does video annotation outsourcing work?

Just like image annotation, video annotation is used to build AI and machine learning models to be able to recognize real-world objects. But unlike images, its static counterpart, collecting video data can be much more complex. One way that you can ensure the quality of datasets is human-assisted data-labeling. It is always best to outsource this task to professionals who specialize in video annotation. With a human involved, practical insights can be quickly generated, leading to greater efficiency 

Types of video annotation services

1. Semantic segmentation:

If you want to develop more targeted and accurate computer vision AIs, you might consider semantic segmentation, which is about classifying images at the pixel level.

2. Polygon annotation:

This technique is best used for verticals that require a flatter approach to labeling features. It is used to annotate pipelines, roads, railways and datasets regarding road markings, lanes etc

3. Bounding boxes:

Arguably the most reliable video tagging technique, Bounding Box annotation is all about the idea of imaginary rectangles for detecting objects.

- 2D bounding boxes:

This basically involves creating rectangular boxes for object identification, categorization and labeling. When doing this, annotators need to manually draw boxes around the object in focus.

-3D bounding boxes:

This is quite similar to 2D bounding boxes. In this type of video annotation is applied to get a more realistic 3D visualization of a specific item. With 3D bounding boxes, you get more accurate results as it can also help you define the breadth, length, and depth of the object, even when it is in motion.

4. Landmark annotation:

This is often used to identify even the least visible of shapes, postures, or objects. This method involves creating dots all through an image and then linking them to create a skeleton of the object across each frame, key point, and landmark. This method is most suitable for detecting facial features, postures, face recognition, etc.

Top video labeling services

1. Isahit:

Isahit is a world class outsourcing platform with a team of expertly trained annotators for your projects, who are meticulously supervised by specialists. Isahit is perfectly able to give you the high-quality training data you need to deploy the world-class models that your business requires at scale. In addition, isahit creates a positive social impact on its community and is, as of the end of 2021, the first European ethical AI company with the B Corp.

2. V7 labs:

They are the makers of a computer vision platform that helps AI teams “automate” and ensure the future of their training data workflows as advances in AI continue. They offer a very accurate pixel-perfect image segmentation labeling tool that works on any object. Their software automates labelling, enables a high level of control of your annotation workflow, helps you spot quality issues in your data, and it also integrates easily into your workflow. 

3. Appen:

Appen is an outsourcing company that employs a human in the loop system for their video annotation processes which can cover the short-term and long-term demands of your team and your organization.


The need for high-quality video annotation for AI training and machine learning has never been greater than it is now. It is quite important that you outsource to professional firms to enable you get the best predictive and automated annotation technology with top tier data annotation and subject matter experts that will be able to deliver the data you need to get to production, and deliver it fast.

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