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Video Annotation Tool
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Pedestrians annotated by bounding boxes, polylines, 3D cuboid, polygons, semantic segmentation or lidar - isahit's solutions

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Why choose isahit?
Opt for an agile labeling platform, powered by human intelligence


Customized training
of our HITers on your projects & integrated intelligent quality control.


Direct dialogue with an agile team, without intermediaries. Our platform adjusts according to your projects.


Intelligent flexible platform and secure API that meets the requirements of all your projects.


Dedicated customer area to monitor your projects with privacy management and control of data.
Logo B Corp - isahit is the first european and ethical AI company certified B Corp

Certified B Corp

We are the first European ethical AI company certified B Corp 🎉

Learn more

The right video annotation tool for the right purpose

Choose the video annotation tool according to your data, your project, your model and your budget.
Build your annotation project pipeline with the help of our project manager and customise the components according to your needs: API, KPIs, UX, QC, Labels, Tracker, etc.
Our service: a video annotation software + a dedicated project manager + a workforce trained in your project.
Video showing the screen of an aircraft pilot during landing - Airbus uses isahit Video Sequencing service


Optimize your video data by categorizing the different sequences in order to train your algorithms. Video sequencing allows you to structure your database and depending on the model you want to train, select the sequences that need to be annotated.

  • Customizable video sequencing tool

  • Display of metadata

  • Visualization of a treasury

  • Output format customization


Use our tool to manually extract frames from videos you want to label and send them directly to a customizable annotation interface.

  • Manage multiple video streams

  • Multiple extraction with ID Tracking

  • View a mask to help with extraction

video presenting a bay with annotated sailboats with isahit video annotation tool


Annotate your video data with our 100% customizable annotation tool that allows you to easily define the FPS according to your needs and re-identify objects annotated across frames.

  • ID Tracking & Re-identification

  • Multiple extraction with ID Tracking

  • Mask overlay for annotation support

  • Hierarchization of labels

  • Output format customization







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