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Innovation within the energy industry is driven by AI-powered solutions. It is one of the most innovative industries of the last 10 years and requires massive data annotation for various use cases (construction, GMAO, ...)

Data is gathered from constructions, consumption trends, history, equipment efficiency, machinery and plenty of other channels.

In order for the key players to leverage the power of data, they need to annotate the data and build models on high quality labeled data.

Quality, and adaptability of annotation on datasets is fundamental to adjust to every projects and expertise. We work with top players and ensure tailored services throughout the data labeling phase to understand the complexity and sensitivity of datasets and required labels.

Efficiency in energy distribution and consumption rely on active and expert annotation of the high amount of different data

Ensuring security in buildings or machinery is a key element in the energy and environmental sectors and can be enhanced by AI. Great construction projects and the tools used are gathering high inflows of data from multiple streams. This data needs to be well qualified and annotated to ensure the right model predictions

Predictive Maintenance

Image,Text & Audio annotation to train ML models to predict malfunction or assist with technician

annotated industrial machine to train ML models to predict malfunction or assist with technician

Smart Cities

Image & Video annotation to train ML models for safer cities

a road with cars and pedestrians annotated to train ML models for safer cities (smart cities)

Brand awareness

NLP is used to read publicly available, online content and monitor online reputation

Annotated customer reviews - NLP is used to read and monitor online reputation

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