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An image annotation tool as easy as ABCD
Annotate your datasets of images in a snap



create your projects in a few clicks


unlimited images for free


and validate annotations


your data in a few clicks !

Helpful stepper
to focus on every step of the process

Define your project settings, add annotators, evaluate your performance or export your data on your intuitive and complete project space.

Complete settings panel,
to edit your lists and childlists of labels

Easily create and edit your labels and their childlists as well as all their characteristics.

Clean & Modern UI,
to work with joy!

Each step of your journey has been designed to facilitate your navigation and the management of your projects through an easy to understand, relevant and ergonomic interface.

Easy-to-use annotation tool,
to work with ease

For more than 4 years, we have developed 2700 labelling projects for more than 300 clients. Based on this expertise, we have developed an extremely accurate, precise and easy-to-use and intuitive annotation tool.

Invite teams and users,
to help you on your annotations

Easily invite team members, assign them a defined role and add annotators on specific annotations.

Track your performance,
with helpful KPIs

Navigate on an intuitive and precise dashboard that presents in one view your main metrics, the progress of the project, the performance of the annotators. Make the best decisions to succeed in your annotation projects!

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