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August 5, 2022

Automatic image annotation tool for fast annotation

August 5, 2022

Automatic image annotation tool for fast annotation

Machine learning goes hand in hand with image annotation. ML algorithms need to be taught to detect, recognize and react to objects in visual media. When dealing with large volumes of data however, manual annotation can be time and capital intensive. Automatic image annotation (aka automatic image tagging or linguistic indexing) can greatly expedite this process. Read on to find out more about automatic image annotation, and what the best tools are for fast annotation.

What is Automatic Image Annotation?

Automatic image annotation, AIA for short, is the process whereby a computer automatically tags an image with captions, keywords or labels - metadata in other words. Automating this part of the annotation process allows for faster turnaround time on projects, and greater efficiency.

Uses of automatic image annotation

There are many use cases where AIA can be beneficial, profit making and even have a great social impact. Below we discuss just a few examples of uses of AIA


Real time video has become a mainstay of modern security techniques. Machine learning takes it a step further by allowing detecting and recognition of potential security threats. Through AIA, the alarm can quickly be raised, facial recognition systems activated and potential threats tracked down and dealt with appropriately.

Accessibility for the disabled

People living with visual impairment can benefit greatly from AIA. Smartphones or other devices with cameras can be outfitted with applications which use AIA to recognize objects and read or describe them out loud to the user. Family members, friends and text can also be recognized, making it easier for people living with disabilities to live independent lives.

Online Shopping

Millions of people around the world use sites such as Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay, Asos and more for the convenience of shopping right from their device screens. Through product information management systems (PIM), AIA can automatically analyse products, sort into catalogues and generate detailed descriptions. On the provider end, this saves time and money, and for the user this results in a smooth shopping experience.

Automated image annotation tools for fast annotation


Tagged as an ‘automated annotation tool that works for all data’, V7 offers Darwin’s Auto-Annotate AI, a service which automatically generates polygon masks accurate down to each pixel.  This tool works on datasets as widely apart as tissue samples of biological specimens and images of crowds of people.

Users with limited technical skill and knowledge will be able to use this tool easily, and it supports many of the more unique file types.


The computer vision annotation tool is an open source, web based annotation tool. One major advantage of this tool is that it is completely free. It can annotate using boxes, polygons, polylines as well as points. It was initially developed and used by Intel for internal use for large scale image annotation, but is now available and free to use online.


This tool is also open-source, uses Python and annotates with bounding boxes. The ML models are pre-trained. TensorFlow repositories are also used for training. The resulting images and XML can subsequently be exported and opened in Labellmg.


Labelbox is another automated annotation tool that has been around for a while. It has the unique perspective of allowing the AI to be trained with the user’s own pre-labelled models, resulting in annotation cost savings of up to 70%. It’s easy to set up and intuitive to use.


Created and released in 2020 by a pair of brothers, superannotate is an end-to-end platform designed for automating computer vision projects. At one end they offer data engineering services and continue to provide value from there even up to model creation. Uniquely, mislabelled annotations can be automatically detected using QA automation technique.


Isahit provides ethical data labeling solutions for AI and data processing. Isahit is the only European B Corp certified company that uses tech as a lever to enable women around the world to gain skills and financial independence. Thanks to its diversified workforce (in more than 39 countries), trained and accompanied by these project teams, isahit has won over 350 clients in France and internationally. 

After 5 years of existence and more than 2700 projects launched, isahit has released a new Saas labeling tool. 

Agile and intuitive, this tool will allow teams of data scientists to initiate their computer vision projects internally and to monitor them at scale throughout the project.


Image annotation is a cornerstone of artificial intelligence development, and automatic image  annotation is essential in saving resources and increasing project efficiency.

Isahit specialises end to end data labelling services to build your datasets from the ground up. If you are interested in a customised experience, dedicated project manager and personalised tools, don’t hesitate to contact us for all your image annotation needs. 

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