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Video annotation

Train your video computer vision algorithm by annotating your videos (frame by frame) with our video annotation software and our specific tracking tool for video processing.
A unique video annotation service that combines customisable labeling tools, a dedicated project manager and a task force trained for each of your needs.
Our video annotation tool is built with data science teams in order to offer a labelling solution that follows you in all stages of your computer vision project.
Video annotation tool preview

Yes. We know how to annotate videos. 
Every type of videos.

Video showing the screen of an aircraft pilot during landing - Airbus uses isahit Video Sequencing service


Optimize your video data by categorizing the different sequences in order to train your algorithms. Video sequencing allows you to structure your database and depending on the model you want to train, select the sequences that need to be annotated.

  • Customizable video sequencing tool

  • Display of metadata

  • Visualization of a treasury

  • Output format customization


Use our tool to manually extract frames from videos you want to label and send them directly to a customizable annotation interface.

  • Manage multiple video streams

  • Multiple extraction with ID Tracking

  • View a mask to help with extraction

video presenting a bay with annotated sailboats with isahit video annotation tool


Annotate your video data with our 100% customizable annotation tool that allows you to easily define the FPS according to your needs and re-identify objects annotated across frames.

  • ID Tracking & Re-identification

  • Multiple extraction with ID Tracking

  • Mask overlay for annotation support

  • Hierarchization of labels

  • Output format customization

A Powerful Workflow
To reach the best quality on every kind of projects. 

A committed, diverse and skilled WORKFORCE

We recruit a workforce adapted to your needs (language, timezone, academic skills) that we train and manage throughout your projects.

Best annotation tools for all your needs

We offer 100% configurable anotation tools (APIs) according to your needs (computer vision, NLP…)

A continuous OPS monitoring

We have a solid workforce management platform (assignment, training, tracking, payment, analytics) and a CSM team dedicated to your projects.

Security and quality ensured (NPS)

We guarantee security of your datas and the best quality for your annotation thanks to an integrated and intelligent quality control system.

Why choosing isahit?
Opt for an on demand and qualified workforce to obtain the best data. And generate a true social impact.

THE Only

We place impact at the heart of our business model and measure it every year, making us the first B Corp certified AI company in Europe.


Our workforce is multicultural, coming from 44 different countries, speaking more than 16 languages, with different academic backgrounds and professional experiences.


We assign our workforce to projects based on their skills and then provide them with a complete onboarding (more than 3 hours of training per project) & ongoing coaching.


We understand our customer's needs for flexibility and offer them appropriate solutions: scalable workforce, tools for every labelling needs, pay as you go system.

Our Customers
We helped them reaching stars


Discover how XXII uses our video annotation tool with our ID tracking across multiple videos from various cameras to train their computer vision model to analyse traffic. This is a perfect example of how we can customize and tailor our annotation tool according to our clients needs.
  • ID Tracking & Re-identification

  • Instance tracking across multiple videos

  • Frames Extractor


Discover how Airbus uses our Video Sequencing service to generate labaled segments of videos.This makes data storage and search easier for Airbus so they can easily identify segments with a specific list of labels making possible the training of computer vision models for autonomous planes.
  • Video Sequence Tool tailored made

  • Customized output & UI

  • Integrated tool through API