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Prompt Training

Data Labeling for Generative AI & LLMs development

We put the power of Human-in-the-Loop and RLHF (Reinforcement learning from human feedback) in your developing processes of Generative AI Models and Language Models (LLMs)

Explore new possibilities in Generative AI & LLMs 
with our advanced data labeling workflows.

With years of experience collaborating with AI developers, Innovation teams and tech companies, we excel in optimizing Generative AI models. From the basics of collecting and labeling training data to the complexity of refining algorithms, our data labeling workflows ensures your GenAI models are effective, agile, and precise.

We know the necessity of a Human touch in data labeling for Generative AI.
We understand the value of accurately labeled datasets, ensuring the creation of realistic and authentic content. Our approach is a mix between AI power and human intellect, maintaining a balance between technology and human feedbacks. Count on us to improve your Generative AI models, employing human moderation to detect offensive content and prioritize language model safety, uniting ethics with efficiency.

It's not just about labeling.
To create innovative products, our skilled team goes beyond collecting and labeling data, actively enhancing datasets, and aiding in the refinement of algorithms. Whether it's foundation LLMs or GenAI pretrained models, accurate data labeling guarantees a balanced representation and real-world application, with human input and RLHF crucial for safety and bias detection.

How our HITL and RLHF Workflows
will enhance your Generative AI and LLMs models

We Collect (pre-train)

We collect and get a lot of data from wherever you want. Then our labelers do the cleaning part. We want for you to start your models based on the best data mix.

We Label (fine-tuning)

Great labeling is necessary to fine-tune your Generative AI models. To build strong LLMs, you need to get queries and prompts right tagged for better dialogues betweend humans and machines. This is our job.

We Correct (HITL/RLHF)

We use RLHF and HITL to evaluate large language models, ensuring accurate output. This expertise improves the accuracy of your AI and machine learning models through verification, evaluation, and correction of your prompts and generated content.

How we can enhance your GenAI and LLMs

  • Gather, create, or curate prompt-generation for your Generative AI model

  • Ask Data experts to enhance model accuracy

  • Evaluate and rank prompts and results

  • Get human feedback to score and categorize responses

  • Conduct model evaluations to refine performance

  • Identify and remove negative generated content

  • Review prompts and outputs for potential issues, with adversarial testing

  • Provide real-time support for Generative AI models in production

  • Conduct ongoing human verification and confirmation for classifier support

Some of the images we annotated

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Powerful Data Labeling Workflows
To reach the best quality on every kind of projects. 

A committed, diverse and skilled WORKFORCE

We recruit a workforce adapted to your needs (language, timezone, academic skills) that we train and manage throughout your projects.

Best annotation tools for all your needs

We offer 100% configurable anotation tools (APIs) according to your needs (computer vision, NLP…)

A continuous OPS monitoring

We have a solid workforce management platform (assignment, training, tracking, payment, analytics) and a CSM team dedicated to your projects.

Security and quality ensured (NPS)

We guarantee security of your datas and the best quality for your annotation thanks to an integrated and intelligent quality control system.

Why choosing isahit?
Opt for an on demand and qualified workforce to obtain the best data. And generate a true social impact.

THE Only

We place impact at the heart of our business model and measure it every year, making us the first B Corp certified AI company in Europe.


Our workforce is multicultural, coming from 44 different countries, speaking more than 16 languages, with different academic backgrounds and professional experiences.


We assign our workforce to projects based on their skills and then provide them with a complete onboarding (more than 3 hours of training per project) & ongoing coaching.


We understand our customer's needs for flexibility and offer them appropriate solutions: scalable workforce, tools for every labelling needs, pay as you go system.

Our Customers
We helped them getting clean datasets

USE CASE : L'Oréal

Discover how L'Oréal uses our image annotation service to train their facial recognition algorithm and capitalise on the diversity of our workforce to avoid including biases in their models.
  • Use of a consensus process

  • Assigning images according to the skin type : (Indian, Asian, African, American, Caucasian)

  • Order of points

USE CASE : Airbus

Find out how Airbus uses our image annotation service to train its recognition algorithms on satellite imagery and capitalises on the flexibility of our service for mass annotations on an ad hoc basis.
  • Process of managing fluctuating image flows

  • Optimisation of the tool to handle several hundred annotations per image

  • Use of the directional bounding box with directional vector

USE CASE : Sodexo

Come and see how Sodexo uses our image annotation service to train their Food Recognition algorithm and capitalise on the diversity of our workforce to avoid bias in their models.
  • A tailor-made annotation pipeline

  • A tailor-made API

  • Specific interface for label management