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Image annotation tool

Train your computer vision models with our 100% customizable image annotation tool. A unique annotation service that combines custom image labeling tools, a dedicated project manager and a trained workforce for each of your annotation needs. A platform designed and built along with data science teams in order to offer an annotation solution that follows you in all stages of your computer vision project.
  • SaaS platform for your internal iterations when developing your models

  • Annotation service to scale your annotation needs 'from scratch' to build Ground Truths

  • "Human-in-the-Loop" to validate the predictions of your needs

The right annotation tool
for the right use-case

Choose the annotation tool according to your project, your model, your objectives and your budget. Build your annotation project pipeline with the help of our project manager and customize the components according to your needs: APIs, KPIs, UX, QC, Labels, etc.
Our solution: an image annotation tool + a dedicated project manager + a trained workforce  


This type of annotation is the simplest and the most cost-effective but it often generates a lot of noise, making therefore the learning more difficult. With our oriented 2D Bounding Box solution, we can reduce the noise by up to 80%.

  • Classic or oriented 2D Bounding Box

  • Hierarchization of labels

  • Output format customization

  • UI customization

  • Annotation outside the image


Get additional data to the 2D annotation such as width, height and depth to train your algorithm.

  • Automatic 3D Bounding box

  • Label hierarchy

  • Visualization of a treasury

  • Output format customization

  • UI customization

  • Annotation outside the image


Annotate your objects by delimiting their contours to remove any possible noise and thus facilitate the learning of your model. Our Polygon annotation tool offers a wide range of features to meet all your needs:

  • Annotation by instance

  • Infinite number of segments

  • Point orderings

  • Output format customization


Easily generate pixel-perfect masks from your annotated images to train your computer vision model. Segmentation is a precision job; that's why we focused on the fluidity and technicality of our tool.

  • Zoom up to x42

  • Automatic removal of unlinked segmentations

  • Management of occlusions and overlays

  • Automatic edge detection

  • Color customization

woman's face annotated by the "order of points" technology - computer vision


Train your facial recognition models to detect emotions and expressions with ease with our customizable point annotation tool.This annotation technique requires a methodical and chronological work where rigor is essential; that's why we have developed a specific interface.

  • Odonnation of points

  • Annotation of extreme points

  • Annotation outside the image

  • Customization of the UI

  • Customization of the output format


Train your human, animal or any other ordered structure skeleton recognition models with our customizable point annotation tool.
This annotation technique requires methodical and chronological work where rigor is paramount which is why we have developed a specific interface:

  • Forced scheduling to limit errors

  • Annotation of the extreme points

  • Annotation outside the image

  • Customization of the UI

  • Customization of the output format


Train your computer vision model to recognize and delineate lanes, streets, sidewalks, parking spaces ... thanks to our Polyline annotation tool developed specifically for autonomous vehicles.
The Polyline is a technical annotation because the variables are numerous. This is why isahit has developed an intuitive interface to easily manage a large number of annotations:

  • Polyline by Instance

  • Overlay of annotations

  • Hierarchy of labels

  • Visualization of a thesaurus

  • Customization of the output format

  • UI customization


Improve the performance of your model with our 'Human in Loop' transcription solution. We correct in real time the predictions of your algorithms and thanks to our diverse community of contributors (+39 countries and 20 languages) and intervene on international issues.

  • Customized API

  • Diverse workforce trained in these subjects

  • Response time under 30 seconds

  • Customization of the transcription tool

  • Transcription system using Dialogue and Timestamp


Get the most out of your classification project, which usually seems so easy but can quickly become complex as the list of classes grows.
Our classification tool makes complex projects manageable because we reduce subjectivity with an intuitive classification interface.

  • Dynamic label list

  • Classification system with scale

  • Hierarchization of labels

  • Visualization of a thesaurus

  • Customization of the UI


Lidar 3D point Cloud Annotation is one of the most difficult annotation and required a robust & fast annotation tool but also a workforce trained specifically to your use-case and supervised by a dedicated and experienced project manager. We developed our solution based on our client's feedback to match all their needs.

  • Dynamic label list

  • Smooth navigation

  • Customised label display

  • Visualization of a thesaurus


A successful annotation project implies an iteration and a validation phase between the client and Isahit. At Isahit, we learn how to annotate out of examples and not out of theorical training. A contributor is cleared to work on a project once he has been trained on test data in order to have a full understanding of the project and all the scenarios.
Creation phase of the pipeline annotations
  • Understanding the need

  • Definition of the processes

  • Implementation of the project

  • APIs configuration

Validation phase by iteration
  • Test 1 on sample data

  • Feedback session

  • Process & instructions adjustment

Adjustment phase
  • Test 2 on a larger volume of data

  • Feedback session

  • Process & instructions adjustment

  • Definition of objectives & quality KPIs

Production Phase
  • Process Ramp up

  • Continuous training of contributors

  • Monitoring of quality & production KPIs


A flexible solution

  • No minimum project size

  • No minimum commitment

  • No licence fee

Ability to scale up and down

  • 1200+ contributors

  • 10+ languages covered

  • 37 countries / 4 continents

High quality PROCESSING

  • Several quality control processes

  • Trained contributors on training projects

End-to-end data labelling solution

  • Saas platform for your internal needs & annotation service for your ground truth

  • Annotation service to scale your annotation needs from scratch to build Ground Truths

A unique service approach

  • A dedicated project manager

  • A tailor-made, responsive and flexible service

  • An average NPS of 9.3 (130 reviews)

100% configurable annotation Tool

  • APIs & Pipelines

  • Label management

  • Metrics & KPIs

USE CASE : L'Oréal

Discover how L'Oréal uses our image annotation service to train their facial recognition algorithm and capitalise on the diversity of our workforce to avoid including biases in their models.
  • Use of a consensus process

  • Assigning images according to the skin type : (Indian, Asian, African, American, Caucasian)

  • Order of points

USE CASE : Airbus

Find out how Airbus uses our image annotation service to train its recognition algorithms on satellite imagery and capitalises on the flexibility of our service for mass annotations on an ad hoc basis.
  • Process of managing fluctuating image flows

  • Optimisation of the tool to handle several hundred annotations per image

  • Use of the directional bounding box with directional vector

USE CASE : Sodexo

Come and see how Sodexo uses our image annotation service to train their Food Recognition algorithm and capitalise on the diversity of our workforce to avoid bias in their models.
  • A tailor-made annotation pipeline

  • A tailor-made API

  • Specific interface for label management


Isahit has a community of over 1000 people spread across the globe. Composed of students and entrepreneurs, our community represents a treasure trove of collective intelligence.Through continuous training in digital skills, annotation and data processing, we help our team members adapt to different types of digital tasks. Our impact sourcing model allows us to mobilise a workforce according to your volume of activity.Scalability and adaptation for every type of project is the promise of isahit.

Woman takes online training and gains skills - isahit offers training to its community

Enjoy a free trial
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Choosing a service provider for the annotation of your images is a long and complex task.
We therefore offer everyone the opportunity to carry out a free test in order to quickly evaluate the ROI of a collaboration with isahit.