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ManoMano has entrusted us to manage a part of its back-office activities for the last 2 years. Discover how our collaboration creates a positive social impact!

PIM Catalog and Content Strategy Lead
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For 2 years, isahit has been supporting L'Oréal in its AI project to identify tomorrow's consumer trends. Discover how NLP can be effective in the beauty sector!

Data scientist
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For the past two years, Airbus has entrusted us with the annotation of satellite images for key elements recognition.

Innovation manager
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For a year, we have been supporting IBM in the development of their predictive maintenance solution via our image annotation solutions.

Technical Sales MAXIMO - IBM
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Our victories accross industries
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Business services

Restaurant Autonomous Cash-out

Image & video annotation to detect items on meal trays

Meal trays annotated with bounding box technology - a solution from isahit

Supermarket Autonomous Cash-out

Image annotation to recognize products on shelves

woman shopping in a supermarket annotated by polygons - computer vision


Text annotation & relation to detect threats and cyber attacks

Open code page on a computer - isahit solutions detect cyber threats and cyber attacks

Automotive & Aeronotics

Autonomous Vehicles

Image, Video & Lidar annotations
to train ML models

cars annotated by lidar technology, used to train autonomous vehicles

Landscape Analysis

Satellite images annotation
& segmentation

Image showing aircraft annotated with bounding boxes, one of isahit's solutions

Predictive Maintenance

Images & video annotations to train ML models to recognize defaults

Annotated aircraft engine for fault recognition and predictive maintenance - isahit's solution

Retail & E-commerce

Product Recommandation System

Enriching key attributes of each product to allow tailored recommendations. A thorough annotation of products will enhance cross-selling

pair of shoes annotated on an e-commerce site to facilitate the product recommendation system

Enrichment and Categorization

Clean and standardized data
is a primary concern
for ecommerce
aggregator platforms

description of a sofa on an e-commerce site as part of product enrichment and categorization


Costs of inventory and logistics will decrease with smarter stock levels and pricing

annotated warehouse cards to facilitate inventory, logistics and cost control for companies

Energy & Environment

Predictive Maintenance

Image,Text & Audio annotation to train ML models to predict malfunction or assist with technician

annotated industrial machine to train ML models to predict malfunction or assist with technician

Smart Cities

Image & Video annotation to train ML models for safer cities

a road with cars and pedestrians annotated to train ML models for safer cities (smart cities)

Brand awareness

NLP is used to read publicly available, online content and monitor online reputation

Annotated customer reviews - NLP is used to read and monitor online reputation

Luxury & Cosmetics

Skin diagnostic

Image & Videos annotations to detect wrinkles, eczema, mole or freckle diseases to train computer vision model

face of a man annotated by points to detect eczema, mole or freckle diseases to train computer vision model

VR makeover tools

Images annotation using segmentation and points to detect the different parts of the face.

Face of a woman annotated by segmentation, her face and hair are of different colors

Consumption trends analysis

Text annotation & classification to train social trends classifiers

positive customer review of a product annotated for customer trend analysis

Finance & Insurance

banking solutions

NLP for chatbots, virtual assistants, recommendations, predictive answers

logos of the different messaging services on iphone

Documents retranscription
and KYC verification

Computer vision for reading digitalised images, copies of legal documents, ids...

contract annotated as part of the document retranscription and KYC verification

Cybersecurity and fraud detection solutions

NLP and Computer Vision to detect fraud, fake documents...

Annotated ID card - NLP and computer vision to detect fraud and fraudulent documents

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