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Marketplace content managment

Back-offices activities can become a bottleneck for marketplaces as they need to deal with various repetitive and manual tasks such as data enrichment, categorisation or moderation.  To help them tackle these activities at a global scale, Isahit has developed a unique solution to easily outsource these tasks while ensuring high quality processing:
  • Digital Outsourcing Platform with Strong API capabilities

  • Service available 24/7 with a dedicated project manager

  • More than 15 languages covered

interface of an e-commerce showing isahit's solutions: product categorization, catalog enrichment, review moderation, MIG

The right workforce for the right need

Obtaining quality data is the new challenge in the race to deliver the best possible experience to marketplace customers. Whether it's about quality product sheet, clean feedback and reviews or efficient and accurate product classification schemes, everything cannot be automated. Isahit solution comes handy when automated processes such as machine learning models or RPA solutions reach their limits. Isahit is the perfect partner to obtain complete and qualitative data through human intervention. Our service is available in 15 different languages and 24/7. 
description of a sofa on an e-commerce site as part of product enrichment and categorization

Product catalogue enrichment

We help you enrich your product sheet by collecting and combining data from various sources (suppliers, competitors, online researches...). We support various tasks of enrichment such as:

  • Key attributes definition for SEO 

  • Product Attributes definition

  • Product images enrichment

  • Product description

  • Image Tagging

E-commerce engine that offers filters through product categorization - an isahit solution


Each marketplace has its own classification method that makes it difficult for suppliers to properly categorize their products. In order to provide customers with an efficient way to navigate and search for products, products need to be properly classified using human intervention.

  • Scale up & down the volumes

  • Customized Processes

  • Categorization processed in real time

  • Specific training

  • High specialization Gardening, Home supplies, Office supplies, Materials, Clothes

iphones sorted by version by ean grouping to facilitate user experience


The more UI friendly the platform is, the highest are the chances customers buy on it. Grouping similar products on one page to avoid displaying the same product several times in the search results makes the navigation smoother.

  • Scale up & down the volumes

  • Capacity to handle large volumes

  • Ability to work on your back-office or our platform

Carpets on an ecommerce site categorized by colors thanks to the creating Master Item Groups - isahit service


Creating Master Item Groups allows marketplaces to groupe very similar products according to a specific attribute (colour, size, material...) and recommend similar products based on the customer search. 

  • Scale up & down the volumes

  • Capacity to handle large volumes

  • Ability to work on your back-office or our platform

Chatboat answering a customer - one of the services offered by isahit


Outsource your  Customer Service Level 1 to Isahit. We either classify or reply to questions/tickets from your customers / consumers to avoid your internal expert team to be overloaded. Get rid of these repetitive and manual tasks thanks to our service available 24/7 in 15 different language.

  • API Integration

  • Real-time ticket processing

  • Custom SLA

  • Ability to work on your back-office

  • Scalable Humain Resources


The successful outsourcing of a back-office project requires iteration phases, also called test phases, a dedicated and customised training for contributors and specific quality control processes to be implemented to guaranty high quality data processing at scale.
At Isahit, we learn to annotate through examples and not from theoretical training. A contributor who is ready to work on a project is a contributor who has practiced on test data until he has a full understanding of the project and is aware of all the edge cases.
Pipeline Annotation Creation Phase
  • Understanding the need

  • Definition of the processes

  • Implementation of the project

  • APIs parameterization

Validation phase by iteration
  • Test 1 on sample data

  • Feedback session

  • Process & instructions adjustment

Adjustment phase
  • Test 2 on a larger volume of data

  • Feedback session

  • Process & instructions adjustment

  • Definition of objectives & quality KPIs

Production Phase
  • Ramping up of processing

  • Continuous training of contributors

  • Monitoring of quality & production KPIs


A flexible solution

  • No minimum project size

  • No minimum commitment

  • No licence fee

Ability to scale up and down

  • 1200+ contributors

  • 10+ languages covered

  • 37 countries / 4 continents

High quality PROCESSING

  • Several quality control processes

  • Trained contributors on training projects

End-to-end data labelling solution

  • Saas platform for your internal needs & annotation service for your ground truth

  • Annotation service to scale your annotation needs 'from scratch' for the realization of the ground truth

A unique service approach

  • A dedicated project manager

  • A tailor-made, responsive and flexible service

  • An average NPS of 9.3 (130 reviews)


  • APIs & Pipelines

  • Label management

  • Metrics & KPIs


Discover how ManoMano is relying daily on Isahit services and its workforce to handle their back-offices activities at scale while having social impact across our community of women.
  • Work in 5 different languages (EN, FR, ES, IT, GE)

  • 4 different projects (categorization, EAN Matching, product sheet, enrichment & reviews moderation)

  • More than 3 million tasks performed every year


Discover how E.Leclerc is using our Content Enrichment solutions to enrich their product catalogue by defining Key product attributes. This project is the perfect testimonial that shows how we handle volume changes over days or weeks while always meeting deadlines.
  • Capacity to scale up & down the volumes

  • Tailored processes to accelerate the processing
    of the product sheets

  • Ongoing training & dedicated project manager


Discover how Ankorstore uses our marketplace back-office outsourcing solution to properly categorise their product in order to improve the search experience for customers. 
  • Real-time human resources adaptation

  • Scalable solution to meet Ankorstore fast expension

  • Customized processes


Isahit has a community of over 1000 people spread across the globe. Composed of students and entrepreneurs, our community represents a treasure trove of collective intelligence.Through continuous training in digital skills, annotation and data processing, we help our team members adapt to different types of digital tasks. Our impact sourcing model allows us to mobilise a workforce according to your volume of activity. Scalability and adaptation for every type of project is the promise of isahit.

Woman takes online training and gains skills - isahit offers training to its community

Enjoy a free trial of our marketplace content management solution

Choosing a service provider to manage your marketplace content is a long and complex task. We therefore offer everyone the opportunity to carry out a free test in order to quickly evaluate the ROI of a collaboration with isahit.