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Marketplace Content Management

Marketplace Content Management

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We will make your Marketplace clean.
We are the workforce behind your product pages.

Back-offices activities can become a bottleneck for marketplaces as they need to deal with various repetitive and manual tasks such as data enrichment, categorisation or moderation.  To help them tackle these activities at a global scale, Isahit has developed a unique solution to easily outsource these tasks while ensuring high quality processing.

Obtaining quality data is the new challenge in the race to deliver the best possible experience to marketplace customers. Whether it's about quality product sheet, clean feedback and reviews or efficient and accurate product classification schemes, everything cannot be automated. Isahit solution comes handy when automated processes such as machine learning models or RPA solutions reach their limits. Isahit is the perfect partner to obtain complete and qualitative data through human intervention. Our service is available in 15 different languages and 24/7. 

Our types of Data Processing

description of a sofa on an e-commerce site as part of product enrichment and categorization

Product catalogue enrichment

We help you enrich your product sheet by collecting and combining data from various sources (suppliers, competitors, online researches...). We support various tasks of enrichment such as:

  • Key attributes definition for SEO 

  • Product Attributes definition

  • Product images enrichment

  • Product description

  • Image Tagging

E-commerce engine that offers filters through product categorization - an isahit solution


Each marketplace has its own classification method that makes it difficult for suppliers to properly categorize their products. In order to provide customers with an efficient way to navigate and search for products, products need to be properly classified using human intervention.

  • Scale up & down the volumes

  • Customized Processes

  • Categorization processed in real time

  • Specific training

  • High specialization Gardening, Home supplies, Office supplies, Materials, Clothes

iphones sorted by version by ean grouping to facilitate user experience


The more UI friendly the platform is, the highest are the chances customers buy on it. Grouping similar products on one page to avoid displaying the same product several times in the search results makes the navigation smoother.

  • Scale up & down the volumes

  • Capacity to handle large volumes

  • Ability to work on your back-office or our platform

Carpets on an ecommerce site categorized by colors thanks to the creating Master Item Groups - isahit service


Creating Master Item Groups allows marketplaces to groupe very similar products according to a specific attribute (colour, size, material...) and recommend similar products based on the customer search. 

  • Scale up & down the volumes

  • Capacity to handle large volumes

  • Ability to work on your back-office or our platform

Chatboat answering a customer - one of the services offered by isahit


Outsource your  Customer Service Level 1 to Isahit. We either classify or reply to questions/tickets from your customers / consumers to avoid your internal expert team to be overloaded. Get rid of these repetitive and manual tasks thanks to our service available 24/7 in 15 different language.

  • API Integration

  • Real-time ticket processing

  • Custom SLA

  • Ability to work on your back-office

  • Scalable Humain Resources

Our world needs qualitative data labeling
But it can be done ethically, with fairly paid jobs

NO, to full-time job obligations
NO, to violent content labeling
NO, to alienation, we fix limits
YES, to flexible part-time jobs
YES, to multidisciplinary training porgrams
YES, to a supportive community
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We build top-quality Data Labeling Workflows, with ethics.
Our human-in-the-loop expertise, combined with cutting-edge tools,
ensures the highest quality, clean datasets.

Best annotations tools
We label your data on our tool, yours or one of our partner’s tool. We get the best from AI tools.
Efficient processes and operations ensure you the best workflow to reach top-quality dataset.
Ensure successful data labeling projects by scaling them with a dedicated agile team.
We work with a wide, diverse, qualified and trained workforce to scale your projects.

Companies choosing Ethical Data Labeling.
Since 2017, we have achieved together :









Flexible, creative and attentive

"Image annotation is a crucial step in the construction of our services. Flexible, creative and attentive to our needs, the isahit team brings us undeniable added value in our ability to innovate quickly."
Global Digital Services Director

A real ethical & societal guarantee for outsourcing

"After discovering them in the Airbus BizLab, we can no longer do without isahit's services, which provide us with a real ethical and societal guarantee for our outsourcing (labelling) projects of the same quality."
Senior Innovation & ML Manager, Airbus

The quality, the timeliness and the expertise

"Sodexo is partnering with isahit to accelerate the group's digital transformation. Isahit is helping us with data cleansing and annotation topics to train our computer vision algorithms. The quality of the annotations, the timeliness and the expertise of isahit are impressive!"
Maxime, Sodexo
Group Head of Data Lab & AI