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Access the Most Efficient Workforce.
A wide, diverse and qualified taskforce to scale your projects


With her new computer equipment, Ayu took courses in marketing, virtual assistance and content creation with the aim of becoming a freelancer.


Victory was able to take online courses to specialize and improve her skills in her field: information and communication technologies.


Passionate about fashion, Fatou has created her own brand of clothing and accessories. She shares her creations on her social networks, and the next step is to open her own boutique!


Maria's project is to develop and launch a mobile app to offer free yoga classes to users all over the world.


Oumaima graduated with a degree in engineering and is currently dividing her time between her master's studies, her job as a cybersecurity engineer, and managing her startup TuniAOS.

Burkina Faso

Once the prototypes had been made, O'prah launched production of the very first collection of her new leather goods brand!


Andréa would like to open a training center on customer relationship management and work skills, and is currently taking courses in this field.


Today, Augustine is the owner of a store selling non-perishable food and grocery products, which she has named "Foody's Hub".


After 5 years studying psychology and obtaining her Master's degree, Juliette's next goal is to open her own psychology practice.


Julienne graduated with a Master's degree in translation and interpreting. She’s now about to preparing to take on internships to gain experience and, eventually, work for herself.

Why our Workforce?
Add a tailored workforce to any kind of  projects

More than 1500 women are working every day - and as many different profiles - all having the same goal: make your annotation projects a success.


1500 women work every day to help you scale up your annotation projects.


Our community comes from 29 countries, speaks 16 languages and cover 5 timezones.


We set up a continuous coaching and a minimum of 4 hours of training per person and per project.


One goal for all : succeeding in your annotation projects while getting new skills.

We are changing the outsourcing rules
What is impact sourcing ?

Impact is at the heart of our model. Embrace our mission and make outsourcing different!

Tackling an old Business Model

Historically, outsourcing brought flexibility but the status of contributors stayed too precarious.

We made sourcing a CSR asset

You can choose to make a positive social impact with your Outsourcing.

Logo B Corp - isahit is the first european and ethical AI company certified B Corp

1. An ambitious recruting process
to welcome qualified and committed annotators

Isahit partners with local organizations in every country in which we operate such as Universities, NGOs, associations to find new qualified candidates matching our selection criteria.

Numerous local partners

We count hundreds of local partners who introduce isahit to students and associations.

A proven application process

Our application process (onboarding and skill testing) enables us to build a qualified, multi-cultural and multilingual workforce that will meets your specific needs.

2. A solid training path
Our Digital Academy, a strong tool to train our workforce

We launched a free and very complete training module for our community to efficiently train for our clients' projects while gaining digital skills.

Onboarding Trainings

A range of 7 trainings to get to know our platform, know how to organize their time and how to work efficiently on our projects.

Annotation and Data Trainings

35 trainings to develop digital skills (image annotation, text classification…) to reach the best annotation quality in our client’s projects.

3. A real Teamwork
One Team, One Goal

Collaboration is on top of our core values and we ensure that it shines through our entire ecosystem. 
We have one and only objective: to help our clients reach the best quality on their projects and to allow annotators to reach financial and professional autonomy.

Pre-Projects Briefings

Before starting a project, each annotator is trained by our team to ensure the best understanding on the project.

Dedicated project managers

Each project is managed by a dedicated delivery manager who supports our workforce on a daily basis.

KPIs monitoring

We generate specific KPIs to assess our workforce progress on the project.