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Best workforce process to annotate your data

Our annotators are cleared to work on a project once they have been trained on test data in order to have a full understanding of the project and all the scenarios.
Diagram showing the annotation process of isahit

1. Workforce recruiting process

Isahit's hiring process is very transparent and diligent. The assessment of the workforce is based on skills, location and ability to complete data labeling tasks on our platform. We always make sure all our contributors are trained and have successfully taken test data before starting to work on a project. Besides, we only work with individuals who hold a self-employed status from their country and who are legally compliant to work on our platform.

2. Workforce management

The workforce assigned to a project is under the supervision of a dedicated project manager. He is in charge of understanding the client’s needs and guidelines and then properly training the workforce accordingly. He sets the milestones and ensures the team has the required resources to reach them. If necessary, he offers new training to the workforce by using different processes available on our platform.

3. Where do we find our workforce?

As an impact outsourcing data labeling platform, we decided to bet on the power of diversity to properly address our clients needs in terms of labeling. Our workforce is composed of mostly women from 39 countries located in Africa, South America, East Asia and most recently, East Europe. Thanks to the diversity of our workforce, we are able to handle projects all over the world. For natural language processing projects for instance, we can work in more than 20 languages.

4. How do we train our workforce?

One of our priorities is the training of our workforce. To do so, we can rely on a solid tech team who has made significant test data to assess the level of those who are willing to work with Isahit. They have put together what we call a golden task, meaning a task of which we already know the result. By taking a test that includes a golden task, we are able to quickly assess the best candidates.

5. Workforce assignation

Isahit has the capacity to assist any company with data labeling needs for the training of Machine learning algorithms such as computer vision, natural language processing or Voice recognition. Depending on the project, we are going to put together a workforce with the right skills. Thanks to our matching algorithms, we will select the suitable contributors without any kind of favoritism but only based on their skills, their ability to speak the language required or their knowledge on the subject.

6. Workforce relationship on a legal point of view

Each contributor working for Isahit is binded by a legal Partnership Agreement And a Non Disclosure Agreement signed with Isahit. We also sign Standard Contractual Clauses with them when Isahit processes personal or sensitive data. Below are two important elements of this agreement:
The IP of our contributors’ work assigned to the client
Contributors do not hold any rights on the client’s data

7. Workforce benefits:
isahit digital academy

The purpose of Isahit is to provide a community of women from emerging countries with additional incomes so they can either go back to school or start their own digital businesses. Besides, we aim to get them acquainted with the digital world so they can increase their chances on the job market.
Since the beginning of our activity, we have worked with more than 1700 contributors and most of them claim that they gain more confidence and skills and they feel completely ready to face the job market.

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