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Welcome on board!

Are you looking to work from home whenever you want?
Do you want to be part of an adventure that will be a springboard for your professional career and projects?

Join isahit, become a HITer

Isahit is an impact outsourcing plaform based in Paris (France). We enable women from different countries to work online part-time as freelancers in order to achieve their professional projects or finance their higher education.






Of people positively impacted*

*HITers who have achieved their project thanks to isahit or who have worked at least 3 years and at least 50 hours on the platform.

What do we offer?

A predictable income

Up to 345€ per month
(depending on your country)

Belonging to a community

+1000 HITers (members of our community) in 35 countries
across the world

Digital and
professional trainings

12 skills acquired on average with isahit

Our unique training path.

  • Image Bounding box annotation

  • Product sheet enrichment

  • Multiple criteria searching

  • Multiple text classification

  • Accounting

  • Career coaching

  • Digital Marketing

  • Photo Editing

What are the tasks entrusted to you?

Annotating images
and videos

Meal trays annotated with bounding box technology - a solution from isahit


Enrichment of product catalogues and more

How to join our community?

Ready to join us for an exciting adventure of 3 years maximum during which we will ask you to work between 50 and 100 hours per month? Here are the requirements to be part of our team:

  • To be able to work as a self-employed person which also means to declare its income

  • To have a computer (phones are not allowed) and an internet connexion

  • Have a professional project: financing your studies, developing an entrepreneurial activity, finding a full time job (apart from isahit)

  • Be able to speak and write French and/or English fluently

  • To be able to work 50 hours each month

Registration is completely free

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In which countries
are we  recruiting?

*if your country is not indicated in the countries open, it means it's closed

Apply today as an annotator!
Here are the skills we are looking for today

General Application

Do you want to join our community of annotators and work to make money remotely? Apply and sign up by clicking the button here.
If you have these particular skills, hop on a fast recruiting process!
Looking for people speaking fluently German to categorize product reviews.
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Lookig for people speaking Spanish fluently to categorise product reviews.
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