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Our impact

For a more ethical digital world
Our mission

To offer more than 10 000 people in the world the opportunity to work and train in digital professions thanks to our digital platform 3 years from now.

Our model: Impact sourcing is a practice of social inclusion through employment, whereby we give work to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Download our Impact Study Infographic :

1794 women

have been supported by isahit since the beginning. We call our community of women HITers (for Human Intelligence Tasks)

4 continents

we offer work opportunities in 39 countries

+2000 digital projects

in various sectors successfully completed thanks to the rigor and the flexibility of our teams

13 000 training hours

provided since the creation of our Digital academy. Our goal : bring digital and soft skills to our HITers

01. Integration
Our HITers profiles

When they integrate our platform, our HITers are mostly:

  • Students
  • Looking for a job
  • Entrepreneur

02. Training
Digital Passport delivered by isahit Digital Academy

In order to go even further in supporting our community of HITers, we have created a training program to help them gain digital and soft skills : the Isahit Digital Academy.

  • 13 000 training hours since april 2021

  • 40 skills acquired in 4 main families (Audiovisual Production and Editing, Data Sciences and Management, IA training: Computer Vision and NLP, Web Content and SEO)

  • 12 skills


Training Hours

since April 2021



acquired in 4 main families (Audiovisual Production and Editing, Data Sciences and Management, IA training: Computer Vision and NLP, Web Content and SEO)



acquired by our HITers community, on average

03. Experience and self development

When they join our platform, our community of HITers commit themselves for a maximum of 2 years, the objective being that their experience at isahit will serve as a springboard in their professional life and not a full-time job. These two years allow them to:

  • Transition to the formal economy
    Rajouter une puce : HITers earn on average 5 times more than the average salary in their country

  • Digital and soft skills acquired thanks to the Digital Academy

  • 75% of HITers say they belong to a community thanks to isahit

04. The assessment

We are very proud to be able to draw the following balance sheet:

  • 97% of HITers say they have developed their professional and personal skills with isahit (Kimso 2021 study)

  • 98% of them say that their experience at isahit has increased their self-confidence

  • For the majority of our community, the most significant contribution of isahit in their lives is the acquisition of new skills (Kimso 2021 study)

Inspirational stories

"I have learn a lot"

“I have learned a lot in just a period of two weeks and I cannot hide my excitement: I have joined a team, worked on some projects and I have done some awesome training. A big thank you for giving me the opportunity to join the community, learn and generate some income for myself and my project."

"I feel useful"

“My experience at isahit is very beneficial to me! I feel useful, I work, I earn an additional income which income that allows me to finance my internet connection and to save money for my computer training. The trainings also help me a lot and and allow me to acquire useful digital skills for my project!”
Charlène, Bénin

"Isahit is saving lives!"

"Working with isahit has allowed me to finance my Master's degree and to acquire new skills. It wasn't always easy, it took perseverance and determination to follow all the courses but now I'm extremely proud of myself for sticking with it. extremely proud of myself for sticking with it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this work opportunity opportunity offered to women in general and African women in in particular. You are saving lives!"
Adoké, Bénin

Meet the UN objectives of sustainable development goals

Our mission is to address the UN sustainable development goals and to propose concrete solutions to address them


Improving the living conditions
of vulnerable populations.


Offer flexible, formative and innovative work
through our impact sourcing platform.


Reducing inequalities and leaving no one behind are integral to efforts required to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.