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Our Workforce Management Platform
A powerful system to guarantee you the best Workforce

1. Powerful Applicant Tracking System
A centralized recruiting process

Our workforce applies and goes through our recruiting process directly on our platform which allows us to gather as much information as possible about our annotators and create the most complete profiles possible.

Optimized recruitment

We assess the profile of the candidate, her professional project and her labeling skills.

Complete & Detailed Profile

Each worker has a complete and detailed profile on our platform. 
This allows us to assign our clients' projects to the most suitable profiles.

2. Complete Onboarding
From training to evaluation and automated tests

We provide each worker with a complete training program with assessment, some general annotation tests and automated tests specific to each project. Our annotators are cleared to work on a project once they have been trained and tested about their understanding of the project and all the possible scenarios.

Solid Training path

Generic training courses focus on the use of the platform and annotation tools and specific trainings on each projects.

Automated tests

All along the project we run automated tests on performed tasks in order to ensure an unbiased and unified dataset.

3. Efficient Assignation
We match the right workforce to your projects

High-quality in Data annotations implies a perfect match between your needs and the annotators. For every project, our annotators are selected and assigned depending on their skills, knowledge, language, and performance on previous similar projects.

An evolutive profile

Our contributors has detailed profiles on the platform which allow us to make the right match with our clients' projects.

Strong Matching Algorithms

Thanks to our matching algorithms, we select suitable contributors without any kind of favoritism but only based on their skills, language and performance.

4. Performance Tracking
With precise & real time KPIs

Real time analysis are run throughout the labeling process. It gives feedbacks to annotators and allows the project manager to monitor annotators performance.
Metrics are used to optimize the time spent on the annotations and adjust it to gain in quality. By randomly running check ups on annotated data this prevents bias.

Time per Task

We calculate time per task by annotators and adjust the bandwith to get you quality labeled Data asap!

Quality Tracking

We track the quality of the annotations throughout the project and correct the workflow if needed.

5. International Payroll system
Paying Labelers as easy as ABC

Isahit built an efficient Payroll System to make it easy to pay Digital Workers without any hassle. Paying global and complex international taskforces is an organizational and technical issue to address. We handle it.

International payments

Managing international payments and bank transfers, in currency, is easy thanks to our knowledge of the financial system of each country.

Wide & Mobile payments

We partnered with top financial providers, such as Orange Bank or Paypal to pay our large digital workers community with fast mobile transfers.