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Data Processing

Whether you are a startup, scale-up or large corporation, they are some very repetitive and manual administrative & operational tasks that are time-consuming.  Free your employees from these and let them focus on tasks with higher added-values. Our unique end-to-end data processing solution allows you to get rid of these tedious process set up, tasks processing and performances monitoring thanks to Isahit Solution.

We are the Workforce you need.
We will label all your Data.

Our objective is to deliver a unique and flexible solution that scales as your business grows. Whatever your project size or the size of your company, we aim to work hand in hand with our clients to help them achieve operational excellence with their digital projects involving repetitive and manual tasks. We offer a digital service to externalise these operational tasks in an efficient and social manner.


You want to get rid of the time-consuming task of verifying and monitoring Identification documents?
Thanks to the provision of presigned URL, your data never leave your server and Isahit does not store any either! Whether it's an ID, Passport, Proof of residency, ID photo... we can help you with !

  • real-time verification

  • API integration

  • GPDR compliance

  • AML measures


You want to improve your pictures / images bank? 
Send us your data and we will take care of training our community to edit / enrich / photoshop your media. We can also provide you with the tools you need for your editing needs.

  • Image & video editing

  • Image cropping

  • Image & video tagging

SEO text with bold titles (H1, H2) - isahit offers content writing


You have the project to write a large amount of content in a context of SEO optimization?
We write for you short articles according to your needs: blog article based on a topic, recipes based on a procedure to follow, news summary, product description, etc...

  • Customized process

  • 15+ languages covered

  • Content specialists

  • Volulmes adaptability


You don't have the time or resources to transcribe, transfer or upload your data in the format of your choice?
Entrust us with your data to be entered or transcribed and we will do it without error on the medium of your choice .We can handle a large variety of file formats but we also handle a large volumes in a short time.

  • API Integration with your back-office

  • Ability to work on your back-office

  • High volumes capacity & scalability

  • Fast turnover


Moderate your content on your e-commerce website or your marketplace and guarantee reliable information & content whatever the source. Thanks to isahit's services, we can assist from day one as we developed a service that can scale as you grow.

  • 20 languages covered

  • 2.5x daily volume scalability

  • Real-time moderation

A Powerful Workflow
To reach the best quality on every kind of projects. 

A committed, diverse and skilled WORKFORCE

We recruit a workforce adapted to your needs (language, timezone, academic skills) that we train and manage throughout your projects.

Best annotation tools for all your needs

We offer 100% configurable anotation tools (APIs) according to your needs (computer vision, NLP…)

A continuous OPS monitoring

We have a solid workforce management platform (assignment, training, tracking, payment, analytics) and a CSM team dedicated to your projects.

Security and quality ensured (NPS)

We guarantee security of your datas and the best quality for your annotation thanks to an integrated and intelligent quality control system.

Why choosing isahit?
Opt for an on demand and qualified workforce to obtain the best data. And generate a true social impact.

THE Only

We place impact at the heart of our business model and measure it every year, making us the first B Corp certified AI company in Europe.


Our workforce is multicultural, coming from 44 different countries, speaking more than 16 languages, with different academic backgrounds and professional experiences.


We assign our workforce to projects based on their skills and then provide them with a complete onboarding (more than 3 hours of training per project) & ongoing coaching.


We understand our customer's needs for flexibility and offer them appropriate solutions: scalable workforce, tools for every labelling needs, pay as you go system.

Our Customers
We helped them reaching stars


Discover how ENGIE uses our data entry service to enter hundreds of thousand of data within their system to track the performance of wind turbines coming from various sources (PDF, Excel, Reports...)
  • Double review process

  • Dedicated team

  • Fast turnaround time


Discover how Shift Technology use our data processing solution to generate customised accident reports hand written before accident for its Data Science team in order to train an OCR algorithms to identify the causes but also the parties. 
  • Use of a consensus process

  • Allocation of images according to skin type
    (Indian, Asian, African, American, Caucasian)

  • Ordering of points