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December 26, 2019

The entrepreneur, the driving force behind social mobility? | isahit

December 26, 2019

On Monday 25 November 2019, at the 12th Annual Conference of Entrepreneurs, organised by Citizen Entrepreneurs, 100,000 entrepreneurs and BNP Paribas, 600 young students and players from the French entrepreneurial world met at the Ministry of the Economy and Finance. This event was on the theme of "The entrepreneur as a driving force for social mobility? "».

ROUND TABLE: New technologies at the service of social mobility :

- Laurence Morvan, Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, Accenture

- Alain Assouline, Founder, Webforce3

- Eva Sadoun, Co-Founding President,

- Isabelle Mashola, co-founder, Isahit & winner of the 2018 Business O Féminin award

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