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March 26, 2017


March 26, 2017

Isahit, impact sourcing platform accompanies SMALLBUSINESSACT in its CSR strategy.

Isahit has been selected by SMALLBUSINESSACT, the French leader in online cash management, to manage the outsourcing responsible for some of its digital activities.

Innovation in the service of corporate social responsibility strategies.

Isahit is the first socially responsible jobbing platform that gives dignity through digital work to disadvantaged people in emerging African countries.
SmallBusinessActest is an accounting and financial management platform for small businesses. The solution adapts to all stages of the company's financial life cycle and has nearly 200 customers.

"Agile actor of cash management, open to the world, we recognized ourselves in the values carried by Isahit." We wanted to develop our CSR strategy in 2017 and our choice immediately focused on the young French startup for the ingenuity of the artificial intelligence technology of digital task cutting, the assurance of the DATA of Quality of invoices and the rapid impact on its HITers and their families. Explains François Mihelic, CEO of SMALLBUSINESSACT.

Today Isahit automatically processes the invoices used to establish a forecast cash flow. The company files documents on the platform of the young startup, which are processed and fragmented into several tasks given to the HITers.
300 000 tasks are distributed over a dozen HITers of Isahit, based in Dakar, Pointe-Noire and Abidjan. The latter, inform and verify several fields: Date of invoice, amount including VAT and VAT, VAT, etc.

"We are happy to support SmallBusinessAct in its growth and development strategy. We respond to their problems and have been able to adapt to all their specificities. Today, we provide them with fast and quality treatment while ensuring a supplemental income for disadvantaged people. " Isabelle Mashola, co-founder and CEO of isahit.

Isahit, the French startup engine of growth by employment, in Africa.

Launched in 2016 by Isabelle Mashola and Phillipe Coup-Jambet, isahit strengthens SBA's social responsibility by enabling it to contribute to the development challenges of the African continent. Present in five countries of the continent (Cameroon, Burkina, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Congo), the startup entrusts missions to workers also called HITers (HIT = Human Intelligence Task).

Isahit contributes to the reduction of inequality and poverty in the world, through fair employment, by proposing a daily income 10 times higher than the threshold of extreme poverty: 20 €/day instead of €2.

By the end of 2017, Isahit hopes to continue its development by announcing future collaborations with CAC40 companies and young companies with high potential.
The startup already saves more than one million digital tasks in processing (content management, processing and analysis of data...) and counts among its clients InnovAdvisor, GreenPoint, Alma Learning Group and Yeelenpix.

About Isahit

Launched in 2016 by Isabelle Mashola and Philippe Coup-Jambet, isahit is a self-service platform for outsourcing digital projects of French companies that transforms them into digital micro-tasks, easy to perform by entrusting them to "workers" or HITers (HIT: Human Intelligence Task). The startup is part of a co-development approach by giving back dignity through work to people looking for additional income to finance their studies, to start an entrepreneurial project or simply to improve their living conditions.
Isahit aims to establish itself in 10 countries in Francophone and anglophone Africa, running 2017 and to collect 10 000 HITers to create a social impact with 40 000 people, within 4 to 5 years.


After 5 years of R&D of which 2 years pilot with 200 companies, SMALLBUSINESSACT launches for the TPE the first digital accounting platform incorporating a cash dashboard, called Cash ControlTM and a management coaching service for the Leaders.
A member of French Tech, of France Digital, and labeled Finance Innovation, SMALLBUSINESSACT is already beginning to reap the rewards of its 5 years of R&D and constant efforts to further this unique financial and accounting management platform.

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