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September 12, 2017

CSR magazine: digital and outsourcing, is the employment of populations in difficulty a responsible solution?

September 12, 2017

CSR magazine: digital and outsourcing, is the employment of populations in difficulty a responsible solution?

Digital changes the deal in terms of outsourcing and asks many questions. While the criteria for choosing external partners are gaining to take into account CSR and commitment factors, some go further and propose to help businesses work with people from struggling populations. "The Impact sourcing" in question.

Has any problem its responsible solution. The trend is in digital transition and outsourcing. If the work is increasingly digital and companies incorporate their social responsibility, then solutions naturally see the light of day. In a gallery published by The Tribune, the co-founder of the Isahit platform, Isabelle Mashola, presents the raison d'être of her activity: " The digital divide is a major problem for people in Africa. The challenge is to give birth to a model that will enable the development of skills, the connection of people with each other and improve the living conditions of people in emerging countries, thanks to digital technology. Tomorrow, work will be mostly digital and it will be necessary to learn "in the moment" thanks to new technologies. »

The principle of so-called impact sourcing is easily adaptable to these circumstances. Since it is possible to work anyone, anywhere, as much to encourage skilled workers from areas in difficulty. " This vision revolves around a number of values: a fair, equitable world that would offer the same opportunities to everyone and that would build on technology and the Internet to redistribute work with a social impact and allow them to Connect to the digital world of tomorrow, especially for women and young people. In the next 10 years, the African continent must be able to meet a need for more than 100 million posts for young people. A challenge of size and therefore a need for jobs very quickly » reads one further.

Thanks to a well-thought-out organisation, the platform avoids creating a situation of social dumping so that the work outsourcing is a springboard for the workers, one does not in the exploitation of a vein of labor cheap. young French start-ups have recently entered the market for the Impact Sourcing and outsource in Africa by working people in precarious situations, mainly women and young people. They thus position themselves as an income supplement which allows for a working time of 3 hours/day to earn €250 (i.e. 160 000 CFA)/month. This income supplement allows the "workers" to realize a professional project such as creating a local business or returning to school "continues the entrepreneur.

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