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February 25, 2020


February 25, 2020

ENGIE Digital, ENGIE Group's software company, has just signed a partnership with isahit, a socially responsible jobbing platform that aims at providing work through digital tasks for women in developing countries.

Isahit and their workers' community will support Digital ENGINEERING in developing software toward reaching the zero-carbon strategy of the group.

"Digital can be a great lever for emancipation for women and allows the reduction of the digital divide in emerging countries".

Isabelle Mashola, President and Co-Founder of isahit

Founded in January 2017, isahit is a social platform for outsourcing digital tasks that supports nearly 1,100 women in poverty in 24 countries (Africa, Asia, South America) by offering them to deal with digital tasks that cannot be achieved by AI. This work provides them with additional income to finance their studies or an entrepreneurial project.

isahit aims to bring together 10,000 HITers (HIT = human intelligence task) within 3 to 4 years, with a social impact on 40,000 people.

The solidarity commitment of this start-up appealed to ENGIE Digital and this partnership will help develop the community of women who benefit from this help and thus improve their living conditions through professional and digital inclusion. The tasks entrusted to Isahit will be concrete tasks, such as data entry and labeling in support of 3D modeling software for territories, annotation of images and videos for its Smart City solutions or even the enrichment of product sheets.

"The fields of application are many and varied for a software publisher like us," said Olivier Sala, CEO of ENGIE Digital. "I am delighted with this great collaboration which will allow us to continue to develop innovative solutions while strengthening the societal commitment of our company towards an inclusive and responsible digital economy.

Source: Engie

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