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November 2, 2023

Ethical outsourcing must be measured. We are doing it. Kimso report 2023

November 2, 2023

Ethical outsourcing must be measured. We are doing it. Kimso report 2023

Hello 👋

We are proud, at isahit, to represent a more modern and ethical form of outsourcing. But in order to position ourselves this way, we must measure and have our actions that enable us to have a social impact on our community, audited.

That's why, for years, we have been having our social impact measured by KIMSO, an independent auditing firm specializing in social issues. After analyzing data from quantitative and qualitative surveys carried out with our community of annotators, KIMSO produces a report which allows us to adjust our actions in order to generate an even greater impact.

This year, particular attention was paid to annotators living in France and the way in which outsourcing represents for them a new form of work with many benefits.
Because yes, outsourcing can have a positive effect in all countries.

Here are also some key figures from the report:
88% of annotators see added value in being part of an international community.
96% of annotators have more confidence in themselves after their time on the isahit platform.
70% have developed an appetite for the digital world.

Beyond the recommendations from the report, we are doing everything to ensure that the impact generated by our activity is a reality:
✊ We are B-Corp certified and part of the top 5% globally in terms of governance,
✊ We offer numerous free trainings through our isahit Digital Academy,
✊ 5% of our profits are donated to the Isahit HELP program that supports our community.

Outsourcing must transform and integrate more ethical practices.

Ethical outsourcing is a way of offering work opportunities and education in digital professions to those who are too often far from them.

To find out more about the social impact that we generated over the past year, we invite you to read our infographic from the KIMSO firm report:

👉Download the infographic by clicking here. 👈

Together, let's built a more ethical outsourcing world!!

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