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October 17, 2017

Discover isahit's social impact measurement 6 months after launch

October 17, 2017

94% of HITeuses who had to interrupt their graduate studies for financial reasons may again project themselves into diploma training.

The work of HITeuse produces a professional effect: they incorporate the codes of the company when they just had personal use.

Launched in 2016, as part of a fair outsourcing approach or “impact sourcing”, Isahit's mission is to restore dignity through work to those seeking income supplementation. For this, the Platform links African “workers” and French companies seeking to outsource some of their digital activities requiring human intervention, but no qualification. Since its launch, Isahit has put in place an evaluation repository with the help of the firm KIMSO to be able to monitor and measure its social impact. The results at 6 months after the launch show that:

Typical profile of the " HITer ": a 27 year old female graduate with a good knowledge of digital tools.

Isahit employs more than 145 HITeurs, mainly women, and it is this population that is represented in the sample retained by KiMSO for its impact study. The majority of them are between 26 and 30 years (52%) and almost 9 out of 10 have one or more children (2 on average). Students (32%), already active (32%) or unemployed (36%), most of them live in a large family, comprising at least 6 members (56%).
100% of HITeuses interviewed are registered on social networks and have Internet activity, such as “Reading newspapers” (88%) or “taking courses” (32%). They are also 80% to have a bank account or an online payment method.

62% of Hiteuses face difficulties in financing their studies and the revenues generated by the platform give them the means to continue their university courses.

The HITeuses still dependent on the support of their families (87%). Nevertheless, 62% recognize difficulties in financing their studies. However, if 40% of them report a complementary paid activity to isahit, the platform often represents their main source of income and 60% of the HITeuses depend on it even exclusively. They are a stable remuneration, with an hourly rate much higher than they can hope to find elsewhere.

For those who are still students, the income generated by this activity gives them the means to maintain themselves in the university system. On the other hand, 94% of HITeuses who had to interrupt their higher education for financial reasons (tuition fees too high or obligation to work to provide for the home) may again project in a training Diploma.

88% say that, thanks to their work on isahit, they can cope with the expenses and financially support their entourage in case of need.

Isahit: Empowerment vector of African woman by digital.

Young and dynamic, the HITeuses reveal a strong ability to be in action and to act to improve their daily lives. By working for Isahit, they gain confidence and autonomy. On a daily basis, this results in the possibility for them to solve problems such as: coping with expenses or financially supporting their entourage if necessary (88%). They also develop a greater openness of mind and a less short-term vision. Thus, 100% claim to have confidence in them and be able to project themselves into the future.

Mostly happy in their lives (76%), they all want to continue their work of HITeuse, even after their personal project has been successful, like starting up their own business or embarking on a career related to their diploma.

“We regularly receive messages from our HITeuses thanking us. Although most of them are familiar with digital tools, very few HITeuses had previously used them professionally. The first things they learned when they joined isahit were how to set up an email account, use communication software such as Skype® and do relevant research on the Internet. Thus, by becoming HITeuses, they were able to improve their professional digital skills while integrating the company's codes. “ Explains Isabelle Mashola, President of isahit.

The testimonies of the HITeuses encountered in this first impact study show that the financial contribution of the platform effectively improves their daily life, opens new perspectives and strengthens their ability to make choices and Act on their lives.

“I feel useful at home, I can participate in the expenses of the House.
Before it was that my husband. »
"I paid my debts, the electricity at home, we had a problem at home.
I regulated that. »
"Isahit, it's a stability, it's something regular with which you can plan.”
"Isahit, it's well paid, I can stay, I can feed, I swear. In the country, it is a class that has that, the public servants, who have that scale. Compared to the cost of the country, we live well. »

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