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May 27, 2022

How product data enrichment boost ecommerce?

May 27, 2022

How product data enrichment boost ecommerce?

Product data enrichment is a method used in boosting your online sales. The aim of this piece is to help you understand, and also put you through the process of maximizing the benefits of product data enrichment in boosting your ecommerce.

What is E-commerce product enrichment?

E commerce product enrichment simply means improving and enriching your customer’s experience when they visit your online stores to buy a product. This can be achieved by making all the necessary information about a particular product available to your customer. This will aid them in making better and quicker decisions when they come visit your online sales, thereby increasing sales and traffic.

Product data enrichment definition

Product data enrichment is the process of increasing the brand image of your online store; this is achieved by enhancing the existing product information with new data’s obtained from the user experiences. You can use external and reliable data sources to get a view of your customers which will guide you in making data driven decisions for your business.

6 methods to hack E-commerce product enrichment and boost sales

There are different methods to hack ecommerce product enrichment and boost sales, the six most important are listed below:

Product appearance: 

The way you package your products using SEO guidelines will help your E-stores to acquire higher search engine rankings and drive traffic to your page. Rich product appearance and descriptions is the first thing that catches a customer’s attention and will also determine if the customer will buy that product or pass. Catchy product descriptions with relevant keywords and tags will make the products easier to be sorted out and ranked on search engines, thereby giving visibility to your E-store.

Product content:

Enhanced or fake product content will bring down your product sales and ratings as the products will be returned if they did not match the product description. so, its advised that in trying to push out and package your product content, caution should be applied so as to get the desired result.

Standardizing of product attributes:

The product attribute of the different products must always add value to the purchase decision of the customers. Standardizing product attributes will aid retailers in optimizing merchandise across all platforms and improving customer experience. Using a well-defined data format will help customers access the most relevant information needed quickly. 

Classify products correctly:

Majority of online stores have several miscategorized products which are also listed incorrectly. Miscategorization of products makes the online store tacky and hard to navigate. This makes buying from your website frustrating for customers and leads to low SEO rankings. Having a proper developed product taxonomies and well categorized products is very crucial to online sales. 

Data cleansing and fact checking:

To get the best out of your product enrichment and boost your sales, utmost care should be taken in fact-checking the accuracy of the products you put out on your E-store. Product data needs to be 100% accurate to prevent buying error and data inconsistency. Data cleansing and error limitation is a very essential process in product data enrichment.

Enhancing digital assets:

To enhance digital assets, and promote customer engagement, retailers should optimize the images for search engines. These rich digital images will help in capturing customer’s attention and engagement, and also reduce the bouncing rates of products. Also, having clear and high resolution product images works on the psych of customers and makes them easily drawn to that product even when they don’t have a need for it. 

Benefits of product data enrichment on ecommerce business

The benefits of product data enrichment on ecommerce businesses are as follows:

  • It ensures complaints with global standards by making sure that no fake products are displayed on their platforms. This is because brands like Nike and Adidas are going after platforms that allow sellers to sell fake or imitated products. 
  • It ensures clarity and honest review of product information that appeal to the consumer and also creates more awareness about the product among the customers resulting in more purchase and sales
  • It improves product recommendation by outlining different attributes of a particular product and recommending other relevant product customers might want to opt for. An example is on a mobile phone category, if a particular product has 32gig and 62gig. Product recommendations should be able to show you the two products at the same time, this is to aid effective decision making by the customer.
  • It improves sales, drives engagement and revenue through a cleansed and attributed data capture, as completeness of information brings reliability to the customer.

Difficulties of running an E-commerce business without product data enrichment

There are some difficulties which can be encountered while running a product data enrichment e-commerce business. They are as follows:

  • Agility challenge and transformation, a large number of businesses find it very difficult to move or adapt quickly to the needs of the customers. Most times this is caused by their inability to integrate new technologies into their existing system and most times sheer laziness.
  • There is no denying that personalization is the key factor responsible for a good customer experience. Retailers are obsessed with providing their customers with a personalized experience however; these experiences can become over-personalized without them noticing it. This can get the customer pissed with the excessive amount of targeted online ads, and this turns to a major challenge as customers has expressed that they feel more valued when they are treated as an individual rather than just a number. 
  • Being consistent is another critical difficulty faced in running an e-commerce; customers use multiple platforms to search for items before making a decision. This requires businesses to be on top of their games in providing seamless purchasing encounters, and having to build consistent and seamless contents that will get the customers hooked on that platform is a major challenge for retailers
  • Ensuring the safety of customer’s data in your platform is another cause for concern for retailers. Most ecommerce platforms encounters data and security breach in their platform which is mostly caused by hackers.  This can cause customers that saved their debit and credit card details to lose their money and also lose trust in that platform. 

Product enrichment to-do list

Below is product enrichment to do list that every retailer must have at the back of their mind:

  • Optimize search engines and navigational search in creating visibility for your page
  • Ensure your product information and descriptions are unique, correct, keyword rich and easy to understand
  • Ensure that you adhere to the standards and conventions of a particular region, edit and enhance images according to the regulations of the platform you are in.
  • Ensure you always conduct a product data quality assessment by extracting reliable data information’s from multiple sources.
  • In everything you do, ensure that the satisfaction of your customers comes first

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