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September 2, 2022

How to choose your outsourcing data annotation company for your AI projects?

September 2, 2022

Around the world, the field of data annotation and labeling is becoming more and more significant. By 2027, it is anticipated that the global market for data annotation tools would amount to $2.57 billion.

Why is there a growing need for data annotation companies?

The advancement of technology has had a favorable impact on human life quality by improving the efficiency of our daily activities. Technology developments like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are more important than ever, even in the corporate world. This is because they make tasks, no matter how difficult or routine they may be, simple to do. As a result, we may observe businesses gradually dipping their toes into the world of AI. As businesses employ AI to accelerate digital transformation and support business goals, more advancements are inevitable and will push the boundaries of what is technically possible.

Examples of data annotation companies

1. gives computer vision systems access to annotated image data, enabling robots to recognize images and classify objects into various categories. They provide machine learning picture annotation that renders each image easily recognizable for machines or computer vision using cutting-edge technology and human-powered talents.

2. Appen:

Appen recently acquired Figure Eight, a dispersed network of human annotators that provides high-quality data annotation services. Keeping all annotators under one roof generally makes sense since it fosters better interaction and ensures everyone is on the same page.

3. Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk):

Owned by Amazon, it should come as no surprise that MTurk enables businesses to access a sizable distributed workforce around-the-clock. Businesses can utilize MTurk to recruit lone workers to assist them with finishing particular tasks for their machine learning projects. Typically, they are straightforward tasks like text transcription or image labeling. MTurk is perfect for small-scale initiatives that don't need for annotating enormous amounts of data but rather call for jobs to be finished swiftly and affordably.

4. Playment:

Although it appears to be solely focused on the automotive sector, Playment provides a variety of data annotation services. Even so, a lot of significant corporations have faith in the business, which offers a thorough outline of the many data annotation tasks it is capable of handling. This is unusual in that not many businesses go into great detail about the kinds of data annotations they specialize in.

5. Hive:

Hive provides end-to-end data annotation solutions, but its use cases imply that it only caters a few industries.

6. Scale:

Because it offers managed labeling services through an application programming interface, Scale is a fascinating business. While Scale depends more on computers annotating the data, many other businesses place a greater emphasis on the human element. Additionally, it features a quality-control mechanism, which you should be aware of if you want to hire human data annotators.

7. Isahit:

Isahit is a platform for AI and data processing that ethically labels data. Isahit is an expert in data processing, natural language processing, and computer vision. You can always be guaranteed of receiving top quality results for your various annotation projects thanks to Isahit's team of properly qualified data annotators. You can check our site for examples of projects we've worked on.

Precautions when choosing a data annotation vendor

Before selecting a provider or partner for data annotation, there are a few questions you should ask.

1. How much information do you need them to process?

How varied of a data set do you require?

Is the information sensitive?

4. What precautions should the team take if the data is sensitive?

5. How soon do you require the annotations to be completed?

How significant is accuracy?

Do the annotators require any specialized knowledge?

When you have appropriate answers to these inquiries, you can begin the process of selecting a provider who will meet your needs.


For the development of autonomous vehicles, computer vision for aerial drones, and many other AI and robotics applications, properly annotated data is crucial. The intelligence of the AI-based model depends on the data it is fed; otherwise, it is useless. The secret lies in "proper training data," which consistently benefits computer vision and NLP models alike. By providing high-quality results, reputable data annotation companies can assist enterprises in exploring new business opportunities.

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