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February 21, 2018

The alternative to traditional sourcing: the isahit sourcing impact

February 21, 2018

The alternative to traditional sourcing: the isahit sourcing impact

What is impact sourcing ? This approach is an alternative to traditional sourcing and provides access to technically and economically efficient services while being a social lever. Explanations.

If you have to resort to outsourcing as much, do it in a socially responsible way. This is what the impact sourcing proposes by appealing to people most remote from employment for a level of quality and cost of delivery identical to that of a conventional outsourcing. Even more advantageous. In fact, according to an Everest study conducted in 2014 This approach allows companies to access more motivated and loyal providers delivering superior quality of service at prices and guarantees. For business, It is a good way to reduce turnover and to value subcontracting, especially in socially sensitive countries like India or Africa.

It gives meaning to outsourcing. We know that we will allow people who really need it to have a stable salary over a period of time and to go up in competence or to specialize, it is a vehicle of pride in-house and motivating for the teams, “testifies Jean-Philippe Magnier, DSI at EDF which called on Access Inclusive Tech Involved in the impact sourcing (see box below).

Launched in the United States about ten years ago by the Rockefeller Foundation, the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition (GISC) promotes the impact of sourcing or socially responsible outsourcing. Because of its origins, Celebrex Online, cheap Clomid. The approach is mainly pushed in English-speaking countries but remains little known in the hexagon. Currently, 250 companies are members of the coalition, mainly in the United States, Great Britain and South Africa. Carried out in France for three years by the association EOA France, the approach tends to develop and does not disappoint those who have practiced it. For the moment the impact sourcing mainly concerns the outsourcing of IT services or administrative treatments and for a small part the R&D. But the potential for development is great.

Amongst the priorities for 2018, Gisc has announced that it is working on a labelling approach in order to give more visibility to impact sourcing but above all to develop common standards. The creation of a “global directory”, a reference system listing all the actors involved in impact sourcing, as well as the creation of buyer's principles in the form of a guide, are being studied. The objective is also to reach 100,000 “impact workers”, as we call them, by 2020,” explains Isabelle Mashola, a member of EOA France and co-founder of Isahit. To date, Isahit has 236 impact workers. »

Start-up, purely digital, Isahit is a 100% impact sourcing crowdsourcing platform offering IT services for pre-machine learning and data enrichment. “We only employ young women in Africa for a salary 10 times higher than the poverty line, i.e. €20/day. For the client, this is transparent, but for these young women it is enormous. We also ensure that we support them in terms of training and appropriation of digital tools and closely monitor the SROI (social return on investment) to measure the concrete impact of Isahit on the quality of life of these young women”, explains Isabelle Mashola.

For its part, access Inclusive Tech, supported by Ares and the Accenture Foundation, is aimed at people with disabilities, migrants, seniors and young people looking for jobs. The young company that has just celebrated its 1 year, now has 5 IT services for the AIFE, Employment division, AXA, EDF and recently Engie and 20 employees in insertion. “We aim to double the activity in 2018 and to increase to 40 employees accompanied,” says Maxime Rosset of Access Inclusive Tech. Increasingly aware of responsible purchasing, buyers often tend to focus on the environmental aspect, but developing a responsible approach on the social side can also be a source of economic performance. Better! Rather than integrating the sourcing impact into a CSR strategy, we can integrate the approach into innovation policy because it is also an interesting lever to capture new talents and new skills.

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