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December 27, 2017

Fintech nuggets: Isahit among the 40 new nuggets to watch

December 27, 2017

It was on the occasion of the sixth edition of End & Tech Community, the biggest bi-annual meeting between all the players of the financial ecosystem held on December 8th at Brongniart in Paris that the competitiveness cluster Finance Innovation awarded its label of Excellence to 40 Fintech nuggets promising.

" our objective is to promote the visibility of French Fintech, to facilitate their access to financing and to provide them with a network of professional contacts that can help them in their entrepreneurial projects ", says Joëlle Durieux , director general of the Finance Innovation cluster, who in recent years has supported and accompanied in their development 1,200 Fintechs, of which 570 have received the label.

The 40 fintechs deductions are as many companies with which it will probably be necessary in the months and years to come, and where you can already send your candidacy to propose your services (even though all of them have necessarily planned to hire immediately) if you are one of those who dream of working in the fintech.

The 40 winners, sector by sector...

Here are the new labelled products from six key sectors of the financial ecosystem: 7 Insurance Startups, 8 from the banking sector, 9 in asset Management, 8 in the number and Council trades, 3 in the real estate sector and 5 in the social economy and solidarity.


Ica-New generation system for the management of the risks of the market activities of the banks. For the first time, the big data and cloud computing technologies have been used to offer a turnkey solution, easy to access and use, which makes it possible to significantly reduce calculation times and costs.

AgriLend– Wants to help the development and innovation of the agricultural sphere. Objective of becoming the first platform of Crowdlending in France dedicated to the agricultural sector. By specialising in lending and the agricultural world, it accompanies all the players in this sector in their expansion and financing and gives individuals the opportunité́ to invest a share of their savings in environmentally friendly projects , which are part of a concern for sustainable development of the agricultural economy.

Deecision – DNA (Deal & Network Amplifyer) – Disruptive solution of customer knowledge for banks that reconciles the imperatives of compliance and business development (internal and external prospecting). It automates the collection, intelligent aggregation, and customer/prospect data sharing processes, without replacing expert solutions. This customer view at 360 ° radically promotes collaborative synergies, mechanically increases commercial efficiency and thus improves the quality of services.

Cardabel – decided to launch the MAR-ML project by applying machine learning algorithms supervised to the MA (Market Abuse regulation) regulation.

Kernix – Creation of a scoring model able to increase the rate of automatic granting of consumer loans. Kernix's work has allowed the 20% increase in allocation while reducing the estimated risk by 20%.

Paylead – has developed a technology called "account-linked-offer" ALO, in partnership with aggregators/scrapers (Budget Insight) which provides a much faster access to massive volumes of data and implement models of artificial Intelligence to develop a personalized cashback solution based on the purchasing behavior (transaction data) of the consumers/customers of banks.

Boursedescredits – A credit and insurance research service based on the modern, transparent and completely dematerialised learning machine. – A platform with the aim of integrating all the savings products of the market and offering a comprehensive view to savers. It offers the same life insurance and tax-exempt products as the market, but at lower rates. It offers the reappropriation of savings by savers, through genuine autonomy of decisions, by proposing an innovative wealth management model regardless of the savings capacity.

Asset Management

PrimeRadiant– Created digital services and tools for the private Bank of tomorrow by addressing asset management professionals (life insurers, private banks, PMB). The objective is to enable them to offer to all their clients tailor-made portfolios, built and managed according to their constraints and objectives in the manner of the Family Office.

Peaqock Financials – Accompanies asset management companies, market rooms and insurances for the implementation of an application connected to others if in order to centralize the data, create dynamic dashboards and reporting to measure, share with customers and Analyze their satisfaction rate.

Quantilia -Global online platform dedicated to quantitative indices, giving access to institutional investors to mathematical data and tools for decision-making for investment in these complex strategies.

Private investor -Web platform with unique technology to synthesize and facilitate the management of its heritage according to its objectives, its tolerance to risks and its convictions. Providing individuals with the tools and services of information, analysis and selection that are usually reserved for professionals (Quantalys, aggregators, Advanced simulators...).

LINK by Primonial – First online subscription platform, 100% digital until the electronic signature (by SMS code), which allows the Asset Management advisor (PMB) to be at the centre of the customer relationship, as soon as it is initiated. Thanks to innovative financial sponsorship, the PMB transmits its sponsor code to its prospects and this code allows them to subscribe.

Liliane – Market place for model allowances open to individual savers and asset management advisors. Jilted to become the TripAdvisor of asset Management, this digital platform offers an economic model adapted to the new consumption behaviours and the MIFID2 regulatory landscape Effective January 1, 2018.

Darwinex Project aiming to become the largest trading place in the world of trade strategies in which investors can place money. This allows investors to compare strategies. Darwinex will connect thousands of traders with trading strategies with investors wishing to invest on assets other than stocks, currencies, bonds.

Scribe.AM – Develop and commercialize in the European management companies an application in SaaS mode that automates the analyses of the evolution of the performance of the funds and the writing in several languages of the performance comments.

Fundee– First fintech dedicated to the financial management of life insurance contracts. Multi-insurer subscription Hub for custom profile management. is addressed to IFAs and IFAs networks, in the administration of the life insurance contracts of private clients (compliance with the regulations, personalized profile management, customer follow-up: Personalized reports).

Number and board trades

Open AuditSoftware editor that creates robots ("bots") to review the entire decision-making information system, from strategic dashboards to operational data in source. These "bots" allow to identify redundant, obsolete, unnecessary information... and to map, model the entire system in a precise and intelligible way. After that, all that remains is to act...

Vectura– A cash tool used to use the industrial park as a financial resource, proposing a partial and temporal redemption of tangible assets ("Lease back").

Esteem – Automatic scoring platform dedicated to start-ups and innovation. This is the 1st 100% online and automatic platform, which evaluates innovative projects on the basis of financial and extra-financial criteria, through an approach focused on key success factors. For investors, Esteemo is a tool for pre-identification and pre-audit of start-ups.

Formed– an approach dedicated to artisans and entrepreneurs, with the aim of simplifying the reading of financial data, providing visibility on the Treasury in automatic to several weeks and interpreting the weak signals of its activity.– Provides billers with a decentralized billing flow management platform that includes billing data, an invoice-integrated payment method, and associated accounting records to facilitate its management for All actors (accountants, receivers, accounting experts, taxes and audits).

Pref-X– Creation of a digital, neutral and secure market infrastructure at the disposal of the ecosystem of private debt investments. This collaborative platform wants to embody the general interest by federatinging all market players without any conflict of interest. It mobilizes actors and market professionals on strong founding values combining philanthropy and entrepreneurship. It is based on original governance.

Self & Consult – Training organization and editor of platforms mixing free diagnostics, Selforiels ® and expert advice. The first platform is dedicated to tax aid for innovation.

KickAndBoost– Market place that manages the complex flows in B2B (purchase orders, VAT rates between countries...) for the participatory financing of all intangible goods and services (software, training modules, mobile applications, market research...). Vendors prefinance their projects to cover development costs. Buyers benefit from a deliverable at a reduced rate by preserving their anonymity.


Silverstark – Digital platform in the Cloud, named MyComparateur, dedicated to all real estate loan insurance brokers. In the form of a monthly subscription, brokers with a ORIAS registration (networks of brokers, independent broker,...) benefit from a professional comparator, a set of tools to make the best financial decision, modules high Customizable Tech (artificial intelligence, mobile, comparator) on their website to help them digitalize.

PAPA – Innovative and personalized support service for asthmatic patients that includes 3 large monitoring modules: a first on the optimization of the patient's drug intake, a second offering educational content Playful and one last intelligent follow-up of asthma attacks. Based on cross-technologies such as Big Data, video analytics and connected objects, the PAPA platform is constantly evolving to provide an intelligent course in patient management.

LifeinaBox – the world's smallest refrigerator for the conservation of fragile medicines such as insulin or growth hormones. Connected to an application available in IOS and Android, LifeinaBox is an essential tool for better management of medications, as well as for the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes. The application not only follows in real time the temperature of the medications, but also sends the user reminders of taking medications.

Memon – Digital observation and expertise of blockchain works of art worldwide. The realization in France and abroad, by all means, in all technological or numerical forms of expertise of movable property and in particular the singular property, work of art, paintings, decorative arts for all applicants and among others for the Account of individuals, professionals, institutional, insurers, French or foreign.

Testamento -software platform, deployed in B2C but above all B2B2C, customizable for the sectors of the bank, insurance, Mutual and provident institutions, which aims to democratize and reinvent the succession anticipation, the securing of the wills and Heritage of the greatest number, especially through the evolutionary will and tools for generating beneficiary clauses. Objective is to make available the proprietary services and software to transform the knowledge and the customer relationship on the products life in particular.

Alchemy – Creation of a directory of Service structures to the person, both geolocalizable and mapping the services rendered, of a "Market Place" allowing the client (person assisted or close helping) to publish his need and to the professionals of To accept it from an observatory of the populations followed. This observatory will be based on the interpretation of data derived from a majority of the if structures of Service to the person.

My-Matchmaker– New generation of expatriate health insurance comparators making contracts finally comparable, intelligible and noted (from the point of view of their applicability and the actual costs of claims) in accordance with the new European Directive of Distribution of insurance. Objective: To become a market standard in both the rating of insurance and their distribution.

Social and solidarity economy

Greening – 4 Axes: Adapting innovation to the needs of the agricultural and environmental sector, making it a universal tool that allows farmers to improve their incomes and preserve the environment/disseminate innovation by building a network of ESS Distributors/Create an economic and solidarity-building lever/lead a collaborative community of contributors and partners, to build a gainful, job-creating, health-efficient agriculture that preserves The environment.

Isahit – As part of Isahit's equitable digital spot crowdsourcing platform, the "means of payment" project consists of making available to the beneficiaries the best solutions for transferring money, transfer, mobile money at the best cost In support of bankarisation and the transition to the formal economy of emerging countries.

Solylend -P2P lending platform allowing to act concretely by supporting social innovation.

EcoTree – Contributes to the reforestation of French forests and creates an additional CO2 absorption capacity.

Croesus – Web and mobile platform of intelligent personal accompaniment whose purpose is to reduce the risk of overindebtedness and to strengthen the financial inclusion of the largest number.

Real estate

Homiwoo– Reliable evaluation of residential assets, comprehensive and independent market Vision.

Wizi – First "All-in-one" solution covering the entire leasing process between individuals via an application incorporating all the means to operate a real estate: management of an advertisement until the tenant/ Owner, contracting until the signature of the lease, management until the tenant's leave.

Touriz -Develops a solution for the management of tourist accommodation for municipalities and communities. The objective is to enable them to master the development of tourist accommodation offered by individuals on platforms like AIRBNB or the right corner, in particular to ensure the protection of the housing stock in their territory.

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