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April 16, 2021

Newsletter - April 2021 - Isahit Digital Academy: digital at the right school!

April 16, 2021

Isahit Digital Academy: digital at the right school!


Newsletter April 2021

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Isahit goes further in the training and support of its HITers with the launch of the Isahit Digital Academy. A program that follows them from their registration to the completion of their project, always in a spirit of mutual aid and community. Presentation.

Since its inception, isahit has always believed that training and ongoing support for its community is an essential part of its mission. This is the purpose of the isahit Help program, to which 5% of the company's turnover is donated:

  • One third of this amount goes to subsidizing the most disadvantaged women to remove barriers to entry, for example by offering them an Internet connection;
  • The second is to create partnerships with local associations or hubs that can support our HITers as well as to recruit ambassadors to join and coach the HITers on a daily basis;
  • Finally, the last one goes to the continuing education of women.

It is this last aspect that the Isahit Digital Academy intends to reinforce.

Three pillars

It is a program of support and progressive improvement for young women to encourage their development within isahit, but also outside, in the realization of their personal and professional projects. The objective is to create a lively and active community and to unite the players around the major issue of the digital divide in developing and emerging countries.

The Isahit Digital Academy is based on 3 pillars:

  • Onboarding training to help HITers understand how the platform and the community work, with an emphasis on the importance of collaboration. This onboarding training is adapted to the level of knowledge of each HITer with a skills validation system.
  • More specific, project-based training: Photoshop, annotation tools, Excel... This will allow them to be more efficient and open the doors to more projects, by making them selectable by our intelligent platform. Please note that a part of the places on our missions is reserved for the less experienced HITers to help them to improve their skills and to ensure that the service benefits everyone.
  • Support afterwards. Indeed, access to isahit is limited to two and a half years from the first payment. We don't want to be an end in itself, but rather a springboard to the realization of their projects. To support them in this new phase, we have formed partnerships with global (LinkedIn, Microsoft) and local (Empow'her in Côte d'Ivoire, MakeSense in Burkina) training centers. The latter offer them free training to perfect their digital skills and make them fully autonomous in their entrepreneurial project.

Learn more about our social impact

A HITer testifies to this:

"I am currently taking the graphic designer course on LinkedIn. Once I finish, I plan to follow up with the web development course. The lessons are very clear, the trainers explain well the steps to follow, the material to use, how to do and succeed. These trainings are perfectly in line with my professional project. »

Hanitra, Madagascar 🇲🇬


"We are very proud to launch the Isahit Digital Academy. Our mission has always been to give jobs to young women who have talent but few opportunities to express it. With this new program we are engaging with them on a long-term, caring basis to enable them to take advantage of all the promise that the digital revolution holds. »

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