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June 1, 2023

Isahit: Human intervention in the development of AI 🤖🤝

June 1, 2023

Isahit: Human intervention in the development of AI 🤖🤝

Human intervention is a crucial element for overcoming the limitations of AI, identifying and correcting algorithmic biases, and ensuring superior quality results. This month, we are exploring the concept of "Human-in-the-loop" and its benefits in machine learning, using ChatGPT as an example where human intervention played a decisive role in its training and continuous improvement.

Discover how isahit integrates this approach into its customized workflows to maximize the strengths of AI and the human expertise of our annotators and project managers.
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We have been nominated for the prestigious Next Innov Prize organized by Madyness and Banque Populaire, which for 6 years has been rewarding the most innovative B2B solutions on the market! ​​​​This is a great recognition of our work and efforts to transform your digital projects into real work and training opportunities for women in over 30 countries.

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