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September 19, 2018

A digital solution for the problems of your marketplaces: isahit

September 19, 2018

(Image Source: ecommerce-nation)

A digital solution for the problems of your marketplaces: isahit

As you know, Isahit is a socially responsible digital task outsourcing platform, in other words a company specializing in impact sourcing. This week our team wrote an article for the E-commerce Nation site on " Why do e-traders have to move to the impact sourcing?« .

Today's societies are rooted in a changing world, marked by profound ecological and social crises, thepurchasing responsible, purchasing that integrates in a spirit of balance between stakeholders of the requirements, Specifications and criteria for the protection and development of the environment, social progress and economic development, seems to be one of the answers that companies can make to contribute positively to this change.

Some critics might argue that responsible purchasing is reserved for large groups with a large budget. But it is not. The responsible purchase is both positive for the company but also for the company that wants to maximize its profits in a sustainable way.

To face the world of tomorrow, it is therefore important to adapt by adopting good practices.

What is impact sourcing?

As an actor in the marketplace, you regularly call on service providers to manage and write your product sheets, manage the clipping of your images or the referencing of your products. Do you know him? and its benefits?

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The impact sourcing differs from the traditional sourcing thanks to its impact on society by promoting the social inclusion of the people furthest from the world of employment.

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A study carried out by the Everest Group conducted in 2014 shows that the workers of the Impact sourcing are more motivated, more loyal and the quality of their work is higher than that of traditional outsourcing. Companies using Impact Sourcing benefit from a double profit: excellent value for money and the advantage of participating in a responsible project that can be part of their CSR (corporate social responsibility) policy .

Read the Everest group's Case for Impact Sourcing study

Why the Impact sourcing rather than the classic outsourcing?

  • Sustainable control of your costs

The actors of the Impact Sourcing, around the digital tasks, use an Internet platform and a horizontal management that allow them to reduce the costs that could be generated by intermediaries and an on-site structure which then affects On your outsourcing costs. The payment that is made to the task, and not to the package, allows you to be charged only on the tasks that "you consume".

  • Optimization of the relationship with your suppliers

Thanks to the transparency of the Outsourcers Impact model, you have no surprises about the price and the business model. You can benefit from a lasting relationship of trust between your suppliers and the teams that manage the outsourcing of your digital tasks. This transparency is coupled with the collaborative operation of suppliers with your teams.

You can benefit from tailor-made services through conscientious teams that manage your project for you. Collaboration and collective intelligence are at the heart of their values. Their goal is to save you time while offering you a quality service.

By working with trusted vendors, you earn not only time for your teams on the project and increase the efficiency of their processes. The actors of the Impact Sourcing, who have made the choice of innovation and sustainable development have the ability to adapt to your requirements thanks to an agile and collaborative model.

  • Preserving your brand image

As an e-commerce site, you have a brand image to preserve. Your reputation on the web is entirely subject to the notes and comments of the Internet users. They will not fail to speak out on the slightest mistake and failure you have made. The Impact sourcing allows you to build a positive image through an outsourcing that enrolls durably in your CSR policy. Your customers will be proud to buy products from a brand that affirms its involvement in sustainable and responsible development. As for your employees, they will be proud to belong to your company and to support its commitment.

As part of your sales process as an e-commerce company, many simple, repetitive and recurring consuming tasks are performed manually. Outsourcing is a cost that needs to be optimized and sustainable to allow you to control your economic growth. The Impact Sourcing can bring you the solution you need: time saving, budget savings and maximizing the efficiency and productivity of your teams.

Many players on the American territory as Samasource Yes Cloud Factory Have emerged in the sector of the Impact Sourcing. On French territory, it is Isahit Who has been able to make a difference with its digital task platform that promotes female entrepreneurship and the fight against the numerical divide in emerging countries.

Interested in trying the adventure and adopting the Impact Sourcing in your development strategy?

See Our Catalogue of Use cases And Ask for a free quotation after estimating your need with our price simulator.

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