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June 27, 2018

Openclassrooms promotes access to digital culture with isahit

June 27, 2018

Paris, June 27, 2018

Openclassrooms is partnering with the digital platform to offer all its workers free access to hundreds of training contents, which will enable them to master the codes of the digital professions.

An actor responsible for the digital economy, Isahit accompanies hundreds of African women by proposing to them to deal with digital micro-tasks, which are not achievable by artificial intelligence.

The startup has a heart to mark its differentiating position in the GIG Economy.
Isahit is now making one more step for the digital integration of its workers (hiteuses) by offering them free access to the training content developed by OpenClassRooms. These online courses focus on the digital professions, and are designed to offer "hiteuses" the keys to better understand digital.

what activities on the platform? What level of hiteuse training? What are his needs? What skills does he lack to carry out his project? ... so many criteria that will define the accompaniment that Isahit and OpenClassRooms will offer to hiteuses.

They will have their own account with a free and certifying training program.

This initiative responds to Isahit's ambition: to solve the problems of interconnection, autonomy and independence of African women, through digital. For OpenClassRooms, the initiative is part of a broader program, funded partly by the non-profit branch of Google,, and designed to promote access to training for self-employed workers.

"We are pleased to have a committed player like OpenClassRooms by our side to help our clients gain skills to better understand the increasingly digital world of work in Africa. This partnership will allow us to connect more people to the digital world of tomorrow and reduce inequalities. This partnership will allow us to connect more people to the digital world of tomorrow and reduce inequalities," says Isabelle Mashola, co-founder & CEO of isahit.

"OpenClassRooms' mission is to make education accessible - in particular by building learning opportunities for those for whom learning remains a challenge. Partnering with isahit fits perfectly with our mission, and we would like to warmly thank Isabelle Mashola and its team." Pierre Dubuc, CEO & co-founder of OpenClassRooms,explains.

Read the release in PDF

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