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June 22, 2018

Orange Money and isahit sign an unprecedented collaboration

June 22, 2018

Paris, 31 May 2018

Isahit, a socially responsible French startup reveals that it has signed a collaboration on Viva Technology with W-HA, an Orange payment subsidiary, to enable its HITeuses based in Africa to gain financial independence. First company to experience the Orange Money France service for the company to private individuals, Isahit becomes a privileged partner of orange in the improvement of the solution.

Isahit brings together African women (HITeuses) Looking for additional income to finance their studies or an entrepreneurial project, with French companies that outsource part of their digital activities: DATA, Data analysis, content management, etc.
The startup is today mainly based in central and West Africa, where populations are poorly bancarisées (about 11% have a bank account), but are very well equipped in mobile.

This collaboration with Orange allows Isahit to reduce its bank charges and make instant payments, which bank-to-bank took days. The HITeuses will be paid directly to their mobile accounts. Isahit is thus positioned as a growth accelerator by bancarisant These women who will gain autonomy and can easily use their mobile account to settle their errands in shops, withdraw from the species to the terminals provided for this purpose or Paying friends, for example.

"Optimising the remuneration of HITeuses is a real issue for us. Until now, Orange Money has only allowed transactions between individuals. Since last week, this has changed! We are pleased with the confidence that Orange has shown in us by testing and improving their business-to-consumer service, before a massive rollout."says Isabelle Mashola, President of isahit.

Experimentation with Isahit begins in Guinea and Madagascar. Before the summer, it will extend to Senegal, Côte d'ivoire; Togo, Mali and Benin by September.

"As an electronic money issuer for orange money in France, W-HA is delighted to be able to contribute very effectively to some of the flagship programmes of the" GSM Association "supported by Orange, aiming to provide solutions to populations under Bancarisées and to promote the digital and financial inclusion of women. said Philippe Dyseryn, marketing Director of W-HA.

"Isahit has given us the opportunity to accelerate our strategy towards companies for Orange Money in France." While international money transfer is exploding among private individuals, more and more companies have a similar need to remunerate partners, mostly autoentrepreneurs, and especially on Africa. The current solutions are very little adapted to this need. With Orange Money, we showed that the solution was flexible enough to quickly adapt to this issue. We are looking at very good prospects in an emerging and promising market. explains Guillaume du Roscoat, head of the Orange Money pole.

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