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February 11, 2020

Keep your data in France with Isahit

February 11, 2020

Paris, 22 October 2020

Keep your data in France with Isahit

Created in January 2017, isahit is a socially responsible startup that develops and deploys a crowdsourcing platform to create the necessary links between artificial intelligence and human intelligence. This French-style tech for good, which currently supports nearly 1,300 young women in many developing countries, is now expanding its activity in France to meet the Data Residency needs of companies.

A unique virtuous model at the service of women

In developing countries in Africa, South America and Asia, isahit has been operating on a solidarity model since 2017. On its crowdsourcing platform, the company gives work only to women, on a part-time basis (100 hours maximum per month), to help them finance their studies or develop a professional project in parallel. Unlike other platforms of this type, isahit offers them a salary seven times higher than local standards. In France, where the offer is now available, the philosophy remains the same: by relying on associations in the field, the priority is to support young people in precarious situations and migrant women with refugee status, to pay them above the minimum wage, while ensuring their follow-up and training in digital tools. This inclusive policy aims to make everyone "digitally compatible" with the labour market.

The isahit offer is now available on French soil

By developing its activity in France, isahit responds very concretely to the wishes of companies in terms of Data Residency, i.e. the guarantee that their data will remain in France to be processed. The ultimate goal is to create local jobs, which, in this period of economic crisis linked to the pandemic, appears more crucial than ever. The business model here is perfectly transparent: when a customer pays €100, 60 go to the young woman, 35 to isahit and €5 go to finance Isahit Help, an internal program that ensures the company's presence in the field as close as possible to the young women (who have been in hiding) and accompanies them in their steps (creating their auto-entrepreneur status, filling out their declarations, paying their taxes, etc.).

To become a hiteuse, you have to be over 18, have an equivalent level Bac, take an online test, answer a series of questions about your motivations on video and describe your professional project. The languages required are French and/or English.

Human support, essential to technology

Hiteuses perform short and repetitive digital tasks in support of data and Artificial Intelligence. Thus, they qualify, for client companies isahit, data to be easily exploitable or train AI algorithms to make them more efficient. In image recognition, for example, they describe in simple words the distinctive details of a photo. In dialog interfaces, known as chatbots, they help robots better understand complex expressions and idioms. Finally, in the e-commerce sector, they optimize the referencing of sites by correctly tagging product visuals or by creating subtitles for videos.

The Tech at the service of a more sustainable and responsible society

In today's world, where data dominates and AI is growing exponentially, platforms such as isahit's are now a must. More than ever, innovative companies need qualified data and optimized AI algorithms. But beyond simple market demand, the model developed by the French start-up integrates a much deeper paradigm shift. The vertical mode has lived, paving the way for collaborative project mode and an ever faster transition. To avoid the digital divide, it is therefore becoming urgent to train and support the most disadvantaged groups, especially young women: work remains a formidable source of emancipation for them.

Isahit in numbers*

- 1,250 "hiteuses" in 32 countries in Africa, South America and Asia, enriching the data in a dozen different languages: the aim is to give work to more than 10,000 young women within 3 or 4 years.

- 200 clients, including many major CAC 40 companies (Airbus, Sodexo, L'Oréal, etc.). - 40,000,000 digital tasks performed since 2017.

* Data, September 2020

About isahit

Founded in January 2017 by Isabelle Mashola and Philippe Coup-Jambet, isahit is a socially responsible startup that bridges the gap between artificial intelligence and human intelligence. This French tech for good offers companies a digital impact sourcing platform in self-service mode or via a programmatic interface (API), for the processing of digital tasks that cannot be handled by artificial intelligence. isahit's community of HITers (HIT=human intelligence task) is mainly composed of women based in Africa, Asia and South America, looking for additional income to finance their studies or an entrepreneurial project. Today, isahit provides digital work to more than 1,250 women across 24 countries and has a mission to bring together 10,000 HITers to create a social impact for 40,000 people within the next 3 to 4 years. isahit has 200 clients, including many major CAC 40 companies (Airbus, Sodexo, Décathlon, etc.). More than 40,000,000 micro-tasks have been carried out since 2017.

Press contact: Sarah Hachemi - - 06 15 45 80 39

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