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May 19, 2017

isahit launches his crowdfunding campaign with Afrikwity!

May 19, 2017

Isahit launches his crowdfunding campaign with Afrikwity!

Isahit, an impact sourcing platform, begins its fundraising campaign on the equity crowdfunding platform dedicated to Africa, Afrikwity. This fundraising of 400 000 euros will enable the company to strengthen its commercial activity and finance its R&D and its implementation in about ten countries on the continent.

The crowdfunding is confirmed as a viable alternative for startups operating in Africa. Isahit, a French-origin platform of impact sourcing, which is defined by the employment of disadvantaged people to perform tasks that does not require a great qualification, has just launched a fundraising campaign on the platform Of equity crowdfunding dedicated to Africa, Afrikwity.

The 400 000 euros to be raised will also be used to recruit new HITeuses, to raise them in competence, because today Isahit is recording more and more digital tasks (more than 4.5 million). The startup will take advantage of it to deploy its expansion plan on the international market, by locating itself in the countries of English-speaking Africa.

Present in 5 French-speaking African countries, Isahit was born in 2016 from the desire ofIsabelle Mashola, former CIO of a CAC40 company, and Philippe Coup-Jambet, serial entrepreneur, to establish a model that would extend skills and access to digital tools by improving the living conditions of people in emerging countries.

Insertion of women in the world of work

The startup employs women who live below the poverty line in Africa (Senegal, Côte d'ivoire, Congo, Burkina and Cameroon) to manage the digital micro-tasks of French companies. These HITeuses (HIT for Human Intelligence tasks) are commissioned on tasks of processing, management or analysis of data that can not be supported by robots. The company makes available to HITeuses tablets, co-working spaces to work and accompanies them in their administrative procedures or for the creation of a bank account.

Isahit already has a strong client portfolio that includes companies such as Alma Learning Group and InnovAdvisor, in addition to new collaborations with CAC40 companies that should be ' announced in thenear future ' ».

Launched in 2015, Afrikwity is an equity crowdfunding platform that allows individuals to invest in innovative startups operating in Africa. "We carry out a rigorous selection of startups that we propose to investors. This selection is based in particular on criteria of innovation, soundness of the business model, quality of management and financial prospects", emphasises Thameur Hemdane, founder and CEO of Afrikwity, in the Isahit press release announcing the fundraising.

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