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June 19, 2017

Positive Innovation | Start-ups that want to make the world a better place

June 19, 2017

Positive Innovation | Start-ups that want to make the world a better place

The start-ups of positive innovation are in the spotlight at Viva Technology. Finance, education, health... The scope of the application is wide and the successes multiply.

They are one of the attractions of this second edition of Viva Technology. The start-ups of positive innovation, which work at a social or environmental level to make our world a better place, are numerous on the event. " we want to put the" positive impact "in the living room DNA ," explains Bruno Vinay, head of Viva Technology's experience.

Education, health, virtual reality... The field of action is wide. This is why the social innovation competition of Viva Technology, the Positive Impact Challenge, will award Saturday four awards: Work, education, social and environment. In the meantime, presentation of some promising "tech for good".

Qarnot sells a radiator-computer

The start-up of Paul Benoît, founded in 2010, was born from a simple observation: " Some people do not manage to pay their heating bill when companies pay to cool their data centers." But the heat of the processors can quite warm up a dwelling. so Qarnot has developed the Q. Rad, a computer-radiator that emits heat by compiling data. These are provided by the companies who pay for the service.

A business model that allows the start-up to achieve 1 million euros in turnover in 2016 and achieve the balance in 2018. After two fundraisers of a total of 4.5 million euros, Qarnot is considering a third round of table in the medium term.

Isahit wants to make dignity through work

" We believe that technology can work in favour of social issues ," says Isabelle Mashola, founder of Isahit. Her platform, launched last December, connects companies with poor workers, mostly women living in French-speaking Africa.

The "hiters" perform small computer tasks on behalf of the companies and thus receive additional income. The start-up, which is on the rise of 400,000 euros, is one of the finalists of the Positive Impact Challenge.

1001Pact, first fintech responsible

At the end of 2013, Julien Benayoun and Eva Sadoun target a need that social enterprises suffer: lack of funding. " It was very difficult to raise money at the time," says Julien Benayoun. yet many citizens are willing to invest in these projects. This is how 1001Pact was born, a platform that allows Start-up of the "positive impact" to open their capital to individuals. The fintech has collected more than 6 million euros, financing 25 companies that have created since 420 jobs.

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