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January 15, 2017

Digital Chinese Portrait | Isabelle Mashola | Digital Factory

January 15, 2017

L'Usine Digitale regularly draws up the digital Chinese portrait of a digital personality. Today, Isabelle Mashola, founder of Isahit.

If you were a connection, you would be...?

4g, with an affordable, high-speed international connection to Africa. The African market represents a formidable growth relay for many international operators, supported by the demographic power and the many reforms initiated in favor of digital transformation on the contains.

If you were a website, you would be...?

Booking, because I love to travel! As part of personal or professional travel, this site allows me to book in a few clicks. I can consult the Community's recommendations and share my experiences.
If you were an app, you would be...?

Waze. I do not have a good sense of direction at all and I am not patient. Waze helps me to travel faster and sometimes makes me discover new places. Thanks to its wide community, I can travel all over the world and especially criss-crossed regions of Africa, the first continent of deployment of my startup, Isahit.

If you were an operating system, you would be...?

IOS, which I use everywhere.
If you were a start-up, you would be...?

Makesense, because it is a collaborative platform that helps entrepreneurs find innovative solutions to their projects.

If you were a social network, you would be...?

Facebook That I use to communicate with my friends and to exchange with the community of Isahit.

If you were a query Google, you would be...?

"What means for its CSR strategy?" Today, companies are increasingly contributing to sustainable development issues in various fields: societal, environmental or economic. CSR (Corporate societal responsibility), is a source of innovation and thus represents a lever for growth.

If you were a #hashtag Twitter, you would be...?

#getdigitalwork #givedigitalwork

If you were a "fan" on Facebook, you'd be...?

Michelle Obama . I love this woman, brilliant, human, simple and so open to the world of tomorrow.

If you were a "device", you would be...?

A new generation IPhone with a solar charger and especially waterproof! Unfortunately I drowned many iphones by dropping them in the water.

If you were a technology or a digital innovation, you would be...?

An artificial intelligence module, such as Google Cloud Vision API. We use it as part of our business, to simplify the work of our employees

If you were a digital place, you would be...?

SenseSpace in Bastille, a co-working space driven by MakeSense, the entrepreneurial network of social business. Also present in Dakar, SenseSpace is a platform where social impact events and innovations converge.

If you were a web icon, you would be...?

Richard Branson for his philosophy of life, what he has done as a business creator and for his innovative spirit. His futuristic ideas may well become our present!

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