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December 1, 2020

Media Alert: To optimize its back-office processes, Gojob trusts isahit | Isahit, Ethical Data Labeling Platform for AI & Data Processing

December 1, 2020

Media Alert: To optimize its back-office processes, Gojob trusts isahit | Isahit, Ethical Data Labeling Platform for AI & Data Processing

Paris, 1 December 2020

Gojob, the leader in digital temping in France, entrusts isahit, a socially responsible startup, with part of its back-office activities to improve its user experience. What's at stake? This collaboration has enabled more than 30 women to be trained in the digital business and given them the opportunity to finance their entrepreneurial project or their studies.

Gojob is a digital temp agency. Created by Pascal Lorne in 2015, the company is committed on a daily basis to enable everyone to find decent work without discrimination and provides long-term support to these gojobbers (temporary workers) to offer them the best working conditions and development.

Digital training, both to reduce the digital divide and to support workers at every stage of their professional career and keep them up to date, is essential. As a digital company, isahit is committed every day to giving its employees, the women who make up its community, the opportunity to be fully involved in this changing world. It is therefore natural that Gojob approached isahit in its search for a partner.

Created in January 2017, isahit is a socially responsible startup that develops and deploys a crowdsourcing platform to create the necessary links between artificial intelligence and human intelligence. This French-style tech for good currently supports nearly 1,300 young women in more than 30 developing countries (Africa, South America and Asia) and now in France.

Since 2017, isahit has been operating on a solidarity model. On its crowdsourcing platform, the company gives work only to women, part-time (100 hours maximum per month), to help them finance their studies or develop a professional project in parallel, such as creating an e-commerce site to sell local products, completing a master's degree in digital communication, improving the ability to work in a team and to become familiar with management and sharing tools, etc.

"At isahit, training is an integral part of our operation: before each mission, the hostesses are trained in its specificities; but also of our philosophy: we want to be a springboard, to give each of our hostesses the necessary digital baggage so that they can fly on their own wings. We therefore set up training modules on very specific points, linked to our business, but also on more generic knowledge", explains Isabelle Mashola, CEO of isahit.

Today, isahit provides digital work to more than 1,250 women and aims to bring together 10,000 HITers to create a social impact for 40,000 people within 4 to 5 years. Isahit has more than 200 clients, including many CAC 40 key accounts (Airbus, Sodexo, Décathlon...). More than 44,000,000 micro-tasks have been carried out since 2017.

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