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August 3, 2016

The social mission of isahit, the platform for responsible crowdsourcing

August 3, 2016

Isahit is a marketplace-type Internet platform for digital spots with social impact. It makes it possible to connect socio-economically disadvantaged "workers" from southern countries and companies seeking to outsource some of their digital activities. Its objective is to offer these "workers" an income 10 times higher than the extreme poverty threshold ($2 per day) to get them out of poverty and connect them via the Internet to the rest of the world by integrating them into the banking world. These people will be paid for services made on the platform on behalf of client companies.

These benefits are that they are digital tasks that necessarily require human intervention but no qualification. They are called HIT (Human Intelligence tasks) and the "Workers", we call them HITers.
These tasks are of three types:
– Data Processing: Data entry and validation tasks (such as entering expense notes, validating bank card numbers, etc.).
– Content services: Moderation and transcription tasks (such as moderation of videos or comments, translation into vernacular content, etc.).
– Data Analysis: Tasks for identifying, categorizing, and qualifying objects, places, and content (such as categorizing photos for a catalog).

Isahit is an integral part of the concept of "impact sourcing", in other words, fair outsourcing. By paying $20 a day to a HITer, the impact on the country's economy and its population is four times greater. This extra money improves the living conditions of the HITers' families, generates growth through consumption, creates additional income synergies and increases the quality of public services by increasing the taxes collected by the HITers' home state.

Isahit is therefore fair in the sense that it offers the HITers higher incomes than the traditional outsourcing market, forms, inserts them into the world of work and finances an association, Isahit help, which helps them directly. The Association has 4 means of intervention for HITers: To make them available a tablet to work, to make them available a place of work, to help them to open a bank account and to give them access to the Internet. The funding of the association is also open to the foundations of large companies, the foundations of wealthy philanthropists and the donations of public authorities and individuals.

Thus, our social mission could be summed up as follows: to contribute to the reduction of inequality and poverty in the world through fair employment.

Isahit was created in 2016 and wants to have its first beta testers by October 2016 and a functional marketplace. Primarily aimed at French companies and the HITers of francophone African countries, Isahit aims to develop rapidly internationally.

The founding team is made up ofIsabelle Mashola, former IT Director of Publicis and large American groups and member of an endowment fund to help women entrepreneurs in Africa and Philippe Coup-Jambet, serial internet entrepreneur in the world of business intelligence, mobile and fin tech. The current team is a mix of millennials and experienced profiles, all motivated by the impact of the project and includes 8 people. Ishait has local HUBs in Senegal, Cote d'Ivoire, Congo, Burkina Faso and Cameroon.

Isahit aims to give work to more than 10 000 HITers with a 4 to 5 year horizon.

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