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May 26, 2020

Mysezame: Interview Isabelle Mashola | Positive impact and profitability

May 26, 2020

Discover the short interview ofIsabelle Mashola, CEO and co-founder of isahit, realised with My Sézame, the organisation that supports companies and their teams in their transformation to combine positive impact and profitability on society.

Why did you choose to be a social entrepreneur?

I've always liked to help others, to share, to collaborate. I like team spirit. I have also always had very strong personal values that have become non-negotiable over time and throughout my career, such as caring, equality and respect. I feel I have been very lucky in my career with people who have reached out to me. At one point in my life, I wanted to give back what I had received, and since the cause of women and access to technology was a subject that fascinated me, I co-founded the Women's Rights and Gender Equality Foundation. Isahit with Philippe Coup-Jambet.

Can you introduce Isahit?

Isahit is a socially responsible platform that gives digital work in the form of additional income to women in emerging countries to enable them to carry out a life project such as continuing their studies or becoming an entrepreneur. Isahit is a crowdsourcing platform that takes corporate digital projects and cuts them into micro-tasks and calls the crowd (women) who choose the projects according to their competence and appetite. Isahit is a TechForGood that uses technology to give work to people who would not otherwise have this opportunity. Isahit contributes to the reduction of poverty in the world through work. We are aligned with MDG 1 (more poverty) and MDG 8 (decent work for all). Isahit is today present on 3 continents and 26 countries and employs 1,000 women with the aim of employing 10,000 people in 4 years time.

What is your greatest pride in this project?

My pride is almost daily. When I receive messages from the girls thanking me and the whole team for helping them move forward with their project, when I see the progress made and projects achieved thanks to our community and its support, and finally when a young woman becomes independent and realizes her dreams...

Source: My Sezame

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