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April 4, 2019

Newsletter - April 2019 - Small innovative stories that will inspire you ūüí°

April 4, 2019

Isahit, Ethical Data Labeling Platform for AI & Data Processing

Newsletter April 2019

We have all spent time dealing with small tasks that are essential to our business but very chronophagous and without great added value. These small digital tasks accumulate and occupy time in your day. Surely you have thought of delegating these missions, but you do not know who can achieve them properly and effectively.

From the large company traded to the young startup just incubated, from the heavy industry to the marketplace, isahit helps all companies to deal with these small digital tasks of everyday life.

Isahit, how does it work?

To make you more productive, isahit has developed a social impact platform for outsourcing digital tasks.

Today, isahit is a community of more than 700 women (workers called hiters *) in 17 emerging countries (francophone, Anglophone and Arabic-speaking Africa). HITers are trained in digital and accompanied in their personal projects. Through the missions you entrust to them, you are helping to reduce the digital divide and their financial independence. They can thus earn additional income to realize their different life projects: to continue their higher education, to start an entrepreneurial activity, to finance vocational training, etc.

* HIT (human intelligent task): a task that only human intelligence can achieve.

What digital project could you outsource?

The isahit platform adapts to all types of projects. Here are 5 examples of missions carried out by the HITers crowd.

* Be careful, these projects are likely to awaken ideas that will save you time. *

Verifying KYC documents *

Find out how isahit has controlled thousands of real-time identity documents as part of a crypto-currency fundraising (ICO).

* KYC (know your customer): process for verifying client identity documents.


‚ÄćThe enrichment of databases:

HITers connect directly to the CRM (customer relationship management) of a large French Bank through secure logins and a selected view. We enrich the data with new information


‚ÄćComplete the tasks of your artificial intelligence (AI):

When the AI is unable to read the customers ' invoices, we have been able to use our API * and we have come to complement your robot.

* API (application programming interface): an interface allowing a platform to offer a service to another platform and/or software.

‚ÄćTag and label images:

How can a drone spot objects and differentiate them? Discover the work of labelling thousands of images of drones that will improve the conditions of the winegrowers.


‚ÄćProduction of product listings for marketplaces:

Write the product sheets according to the instructions of the suppliers it is simple. But doing it for thousands of products is extremely time consuming. This is why a French marketplace has trusted the work of HITers.

You have not seen an example that appeals to you?
isahit adapts to all your missions and all activities.
Discover more than 35 cases of use already made by our mob of HITers!

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