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November 7, 2019

Newsletter - November 2019 - Digital labor, a model that relies on the community

November 7, 2019

Digital labor, a model that relies on the community


 Newsletter November 2019

Digital ploughing has recently been brought into the spotlight, as has the Cash Investigation on the subject, released at the end of September. Indeed, behind service platforms, algorithms or the development of artificial intelligence, there is an army of invisible little hands that make them work. While this new form of work raises real economic and social challenges, a virtuous and respectful model remains possible.

In an increasingly dematerialized world, there is too often a tendency to forget the men and women who hide behind technology. However, the performance of all the algorithms we use every day without even thinking about it is guaranteed by the micro-tasks of digital workers. An ignored workforce, most often paid a few cents of euros per click, which is constantly increasing: it should represent 213 million workers by the end of the year according to the International Labour Organization. A major challenge for these workers who are suffering the full impact of unbridled digital capitalism: "disposable, underpaid, without employment contracts, and without social protection", sums up Cash Investigation coldly. It is time to invent another model, because they are nevertheless essential for the development of new technologies or innovative services of tomorrow.

Counterfoil : isahit, a responsible model that puts people first

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Almost all the platforms that employ these shadow workers do so without distinction, selection or targeting. In short, these invisible little hands must also remain so in their eyes. Isahit takes the opposite approach to build a virtuous model, where everyone can benefit. How? How?

  • By targeting precisely which workers to mobilize: young women from developing countries so that the income they earn from them can concretely help them to emancipate themselves and remain relatively important in relation to their country's average wage (€300 for around 100 hours when the average wage is €40 per month in Madagascar, for example)
  • By requiring them to define a professional project (resuming studies, starting a business...), so that isahit is not an end, but a means to fulfil their dreams and their quest for independence and autonomy
  • By constantly evaluating our concrete impact on these communities: each year, we carry out, with the consulting firm specialized in social impact studies and consulting KimsoA audit of our action in a continuous improvement process

A win-win approach for our employees, who can take charge of their future, and for our partner companies, who find in them an ethical way, in line with their CSR strategies, to develop their innovative services. A ScoreCard is issued at the end of each project to give them a global vision of their impact.

"Seeing the hedonists trained and improved daily in contact with our common project is also a source of satisfaction that goes far beyond simple business needs.
Africa Corner

A commitment through proof

Each year we produce a measurement report ofimpact with Kimso. Here is our latest social impact reporting and its main lessons.

Typical profile of a heeling machine

  • 26 years on average
  • Graduated from higher education (90% with a BAC level and +)
  • Inactive, unable to find a job or continue their studies (76%)
  • Motivations: starting a business or developing an entrepreneurial activity, resuming or continuing your studies, financially supporting your family

The impact of isahit on the heathen

  • Better financial stability from the first payment
  • Acquisition of soft skills (teamwork, rigour, organisation...) and new digital skills that can be valued in their job search
  • Sense of autonomy and development / empowerment
  • Creation of an active community of sharing and mutual aid between the heirs, in addition to the direct support of isahit

Testimonials from heelers

"Isahit allows me to learn every day how to use the computer for professional purposes. I would like to open a restaurant in Abidjan using the money earned on the platform. »

Amandine A. - Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire - Docapost project

"Since I have been working with isahit, I feel like a member of a group and also that I am useful for something good. The main project I want to finance through isahit is my Master 2 in Human Resources Management. »

Marianne Aurore C. - Abomey Calavi, Benin - Sodexo Project

"Isahit gives me a reason to surpass myself and to make every task a challenge. This project taught me to be more responsive and to have an eye for detail. Thanks to isahit, I am financing my project to build a rental real estate business. "Harilala A. - Antananarivo, Madagascar - Adecco Project

"With each project, I am more and more comfortable with my computer and thanks to the work I do I will soon be able to finance my personal project. I would like to do a training course in a hotel school in order to have the necessary knowledge to then open my own restaurant. »

Marina B. - Bafoussam, Cameroon - Tourism Academy Project

"Isahit is not an army of invisible little hands, but rather an active, enriching, multi-cultural, learning community, focused on the fulfilment of our women's professional projects. Or how to transform the social drifts of digital labour into a positive equation for all. The life stories that come back to us from our hostesses push us further every day. " Isabelle Mashola, CEO and co-founder of isahit

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