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March 10, 2017

When I explain what isahit is doing to my grandmother...

March 10, 2017

    When I explain what Isahit is doing to my grandmother

Newsletter March 2017

Granny : So what is Isahit?

me: Isahit takes care of doing the small tasks, which are tedious and redundant, for you.

Granny: So you're saying she's cleaning up for me?

Me: No granny, unfortunately she won't do your chores. But it will do all your digital micro-tasks. For example, when you prepare my snack, you prepare the pancake batter, you cook it and then you put sugar on it.

Granny : Yes but what does this have to do with Isahit?

me : Well Isahit works like a small factory that will distribute all these small tasks. The only difference is that they are digital micro-tasks. In fact, it's like a small digital mountain chain, the little jobs that robots can't do automatically are clipped and then assigned to people who connect to Isahit to do all these tasks.

It's kind of like, Isahit was preparing your pancake dough, cooking it for you, then sweetening it for you.

Granny: So, Isahit takes advantage of the low cost of labour, such as children or the poor in disadvantaged countries?

Me: Not! Precisely isahit helps to reduce poverty by giving digital work to people from emerging countries, who earn only €2 per day and in addition it pays them €20 per day! It is really a way to restore dignity through digital work and to sit down their financial independence!

Granny: But everyone says that robots will replace man.

Me: Oh Yes, it seems, but you've already tried to ask a robot to recognize the drawing of a child, to decipher a handwritten letter or even to understand things like irony? Well, I am, and he can't. These things can only be done by a real person.

Granny: Sure, but it's going to cost a lot of money.

Me: But no, that's where you're wrong, you only pay when you need, and the time spent on each task is estimated in advance. So if the person does it faster, so much the better, if not too bad. There may even be several people who carry out your tasks at the same time.

Granny: Yes, but at my age, how do you expect me to manage all these people?

Me: But you have nothing to do, once you have given your tasks to the Isahit platform, you have nothing more to do, it is she who takes care of distributing the work, and in addition some of your tasks are done several times and by several people to guarantee you a Excellent quality!


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