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September 25, 2020

Newsletter - September 2020 - Isahit launches impact sourcing made in local !

September 25, 2020

Isahit launches impact sourcing made in local !

Newsletter September 2020

In recent years, against the backdrop of regulatory changes and the growing awareness of the importance of ensuring greater control over their data, companies have become increasingly sensitive to the fact that their data is hosted on their national territory. Today, they are going even further with Data Residency, which means that not only the data, but also the people who use it are in the same country. A new requirement that is reshaping the way they outsource the processing of their data.

The Covid crisis has drastically accelerated the digital transition of companies and the trend towards outsourcing the processing of their data. This movement mechanically reinforces their requirements in terms of hosting and security. All the more so as the cost of cyber-attacks continues to rise: a study conducted by Hiscox on more than 5,000 American and European companies showed that in one year, the cost of cyber-attacks had increased sixfold, rising from an average of $10,000 per company to $57,000! And this at the same time as they increased their spending on cyber security by 39%.

In this context, the Data Residency is an additional security and regulatory assurance. Companies are now ready to pay a higher price for compliance and are looking for responsible solutions: thus the market for socially impacting AI tasks is growing by 25% per year. In France alone, it currently stands at €100 million.

Isahit launches impact sourcing made in local

Faced with this growing demand from its customers and prospects, isahit has just launched a new Data Residency offer. While the core of our business remains rooted in the economic and personal emancipation of women in developing countries through socially responsible outsourcing of data processing, we are convinced that it is possible and necessary to also have an impact in France and more broadly in developed countries. Provided, of course, that we remain true to our identity and our values:

  • by paying workers above minimum wage,
  • and by developing partnerships with organizations, associations and field actors to train and give work to the populations most in need.

We have already established links with an association that helps women reconnect to digital or with an organization that trains a Canadian native minority in digital for one of our Canadian clients. In addition, isahit will soon announce, by the end of the year, strategic partnerships with major French players in SSE, social inclusion, disability, inclusive digital training, inclusion of refugees... It's a whole new ecosystem that is being born to prove that local sourcing impact is possible!

isahit: the different offers available for companies

A word from Isabelle
"In all the conferences and meetings I attend, one theme keeps recurring: the binary opposition between digital and human. We have to get out of this dichotomy! Our new Data residency offer is proof that technology can be a concrete instrument of inclusion and emancipation, not only in developing countries, but also within our own society. Technology has no borders."

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