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September 2, 2016

Newsletter - September 2016 - Digital Entrepreneurship in Africa

September 2, 2016

Digital entrepreneurship in Africa

September 2, 2016

Newsletter September 2016

Digital Entrepreneurship in Africa

Digital entrepreneurs are making Africa Move!
In recent years many studies have shown that entrepreneurship is one of the keys to the development of the African continent. With an average growth of 4.5%, Africa is able to offer many opportunities to those who want to undertake in a changing Africa and now perceived as the new frontier of emerging markets.

With over 117 "tech hub" identified across the continent, Africa is on the way to becoming a major global player in the digital field of tomorrow. At the heart of this evolution: a flourishing entrepreneurship coupled with an appetite for digital!

This dynamism is the creator of companies that allow to develop employment locally and to bring out the middle classes that train the whole ecosystem in a "virtuous circle".

"Emergence is a journey; Transformation is the destination
General commissioner of Hub Africa

In this favorable environment, Isahit has just opened its first Hub in Dakar in partnership with the SenseCampus of Makesense and to recruit its first "hiteuses". This openness is part of a process of development of the impact sourcing.

You want to know the latest information on this subject and understand how the impact is measured.

You have a few days left to sign up for the first HasFrican IMpact SOurcing COcktail, and come to discover the new opportunities in Africa and the actions carried out by Isahit and its association isahit help.

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