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May 4, 2022

Top 10 Best free and paid video annotations tools

May 4, 2022

What is a video annotation tool?

Video annotation tools are text or drawing tools that help in including information, be it a text, an image, a database or any other piece of content.

10 best free video annotation tools

This post highlights the 10 best free video annotation tools. These tools are designed to enhance note editing, summarizing relevant information, and editing images and videos.

a)   Markup

Markup is a free video annotation tool. It is the perfect video annotation tool for business professionals. Yet, it is also popular in the student community especially amongst those who must edit and summarize their work. With Markup, you are at liberty to work on a plethora of things including PDF files or website content creation. Markup is easy to use, it has sufficient features on the free version and it is completely free.

b)  Clickup

Clickup permits you to edit and create most files including PDF documents and even Google Docs. Its most prominent features include commenting on documents, editing, and syncing calendars. I find Clickup very impressive because it has over 100 exclusive features. Most users also prefer Clickup because it is an annotation app that has screen-sharing options like the Zoom and Microsoft teams. Even though Clickup is free, it can be upgraded to an unlimited package.

c)   Markup Hero

This is another free annotation tool with interesting features. It doubles as an annotation and screenshot tool. The main aim of the Markup Hero app is that it improves communication and productivity. Some of its key features are screen shooting, cropping and resizing CANVA. It can easily be integrated with Chrome, Google Drive and Slack App. Just like the Clickup, the Markup Hero can also be upgraded to a pro version.

d)  Note Ledge

Note Ledge is well known for its digital notebook. The digital notebook is a way to find inspiration, and it is ideal for creating exciting mood boards.  It is highly used by content creators for similar purposes as it has a flexible workspace that allows you to arrange your content however you want. It is free and very affordable.

e)   Annotate

Within the Annotate app, you can directly draft documents. It permits collaboration with others through the writing process. A key feature of Annotate is the easy-fact checking system. With Annotate, you can paste information from other documents, after which it will provide a link to the original source, thereby making it easy to credit your references. Annotate provides a secure and private space for groups to share, discuss and bring up novel ideas for a project. Most of its functions and features are free although it can be upgraded to a paid version.

f)   Nimbus

Nimbus is an effective communication and collaboration tool in the classroom among teachers, students, and peers. It is widely described as an innovative screencast tool for instructors. Nimbus has very easy to use features and it has a free first plan. You should be rest assured that each of its options either paid or free, has enough features that you can make good use out of it.

g)   Docanno

This is a commercialized data annotation tool. Docanno’s specialty is in-text annotation and functions as a select tool for machine learning practitioners. Some of the key features on this app include text analysis, labeling and text summarization and each of these features has its own efficient output format.

h) Screenlight

With Screen light, you can easily share your work. It has the following features: video uploading, images, audio speech tools, commenting and link sharing. Screen light is a free annotation app although you can upgrade to a paid version. Also, it has tools that can be easily collaborated.

i) isahit

Isahit has developed a free SAAS labelling tool to allow teams of data scientists to initiate their computer vision projects internally and to monitor them at scale throughout the project.

j)   Zoho Annotator

Besides its affordability, Zoho Annotator allows you to add your web snapshot by using the drawing tool that comes with the software. Zoho Annotator helps you to exclude certain words or sentences that you want to keep private. Zoho Annotator allows integration with other apps such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

10 Best paid video annotation tools

a)   Adobe Pro

Adobe Pro is a popular video annotation tool. It is well known for accessing PDF documents and comments. Among the things you can do on Adobe Pro are editing, sharing, and adding virtual sticky notes. Also, you can easily convert MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents into PDF and vice versa. It has many PDFS conversion options. Adobe Pro is a paid annotation tool.

b)  Filestage

Filestage is popular for online proofing (reviewing and approving) of files such as PDF, images, videos, and audios. It has important features such as commenting tools, storing all files all in one place and tracking the progress of your files. With Filestage, you can share multiple files to as many people as possible. Thus, sending feedback and approval to everyone becomes very easy. It can also be easily integrated with other essential apps such as Zoom, Google Drive and Dropbox. 

c)   PDF Annotator

If you are in search of an annotation tool that can handle all PDF documents, then the PDF Annotator is the most effective. It has features such as editing, reviewing, commenting and enhancing all PDF documents. PDF Annotator should be your number one option if you are in search of an annotation tool that allows you to highlight, write notes, add texts and images, and add signatures. I must add that you can view your edited PDFs in any PDF software. PDF Annotator comes in highly preferred because it is easy to use and it is capable of tackling many PDF purposes.

d)  Wipster

Content Creators particularly love Wipster because of its video proofing tools. With Wipster, you are able to invite an unlimited number of viewers and reviewers. You have the option to choose who views your project and how they view your project. It has an effective privacy setting. Like other video annotation tools, Wipster allows easy integration with Adobe, Vimeo, Slack and Dropbox. Some of Wipster’s prime features include fasting editing capabilities. 

e)   Dropbox

One of the main goals of Dropbox is to ease organization, and make it easy to access your documents at any time. As such, it is one of the most popular annotation tools. It can be used for personal and business-related projects. Dropbox handles cloud content, multiple web shortcuts and traditional files. An exciting feature of Dropbox is that you can access all your files at any time. You can also backup your lost files.

f)  Drawboard

Drawboard has two main tools: Drawboard PDF and Drawboard Projects. The Drawboard Projects has features that are more applicable for team work. Some of the features include editing, drawings and markups. It is believed that Drawboard Project features are helpful to those that work in the industry such as engineers and architects as they need precise details to be added to house plans and other details. The Drawboard PDF provides you with everything you need to edit and review documents with ease. Additionally, it is highly easy to navigate.

g)   Red Pen

The purpose of this app is for visual collaboration. Teams are able to share and edit files with each other. Red Pen has live comments and users are able to view comments as they appear on the page. On Red Pen, you can invite as many people as you want to review your project. Although Red Pen is paid, there is a free trial option.

h)  GoVisually

For Video Creators, Designers, Creatives and Marketing Teams, Go Visually comes highly recommended. This is because both teams (marketing and design) can work together on a project and provide timely feedback. Using this software or platform involves a quick and seamless process as there is no need for lengthy mails.

i) nTask

NTask has unique features that aids streamlining and managing resources of a project. Also, it aids in providing useful budgets and financial summaries to keep track of all figures. Its Kanban Boards is a project management visualization tool. With nTask, you can share your work with ease. Uploading videos, audio speech tools, link sharing can all be done on nTask. It has a time-coded comment which is a brilliant feature. Though it is a paid version, its first plan is totally free to use.

 j) Screenlight

It gives you the ability to easily share your work. Some of Screenlight’s share files features are uploading video, audio speech tools, images, link sharing, reviewing, and complete commenting tools. Once you have uploaded your files, Screenlight makes sure to develop preview files for you to choose from and enhance your projects. Formatting issues are a thing of the past with this collaborative tool. Screenlight places an emphasis on its simplicity and time-coded comments that can be entered alongside the video where readers do not have to wait for the comment at a later stage. Its time-coded comments are a brilliant feature that more sharing tools should offer.

k) isahit

If you want to go further in your projects, annotate larger volumes or benefit from a workforce that speaks more than 17 languages, meet isahit's team and discover their different labelling solutions !

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