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August 30, 2022

Top public datasets for machine learning

August 30, 2022

Top public datasets for machine learning

What is a machine learning dataset?

Simply described, a dataset in machine learning is a collection of data bits that may be considered as a cohesive block by a computer for analytic and projection purposes. Gathering data that correlates with the outcomes you want to forecast, i.e. data that carries an indication about situations you care about, is what getting the proper data entails.

What is Machine learning?

Machine learning (ML) is a sort of AI technology (AI) that enables software applications to improve their prediction accuracy without being expressly designed to do so. In order to forecast new output values, ml algorithms use historical data as input. Machine learning is significant because it allows businesses to see insights about customer behavior and business operating patterns while also assisting in the development of new goods.

Dataset Finders

Datasets are the paths that machine learning algorithms travel on. Any machine learning algorithm that does not include them will fail in text categorization, product segmentation, and text mining.

Kaggle: This data science platform has many interesting, user-contributed datasets for cognitive computing.

The UCI Machine Learning Repository has been a go-to resource for open datasets for decades. Users can also access the information without registering.

Dataset Search on Google: Dataset Search has over 25 million datasets from across the internet.

ML Datasets

1. IRIS Dataset: The iris dataset is a beginner-friendly dataset that offers data on the width of flower petals and sepals. The data is separated into three categories, each with 50 rows. It's commonly utilized in classification and regression analysis.

2. Mall Customers Dataset: This dataset contains data about individuals who visit a mall in a specific city. Sex, customer id, age, average income, and spend rating are among the groups in the dataset. It's most commonly used to divide clients into groups according to their age, wealth, and interests.

3. 81 Language Sentiment Lexicons: This dataset comprises sentiment lexicons for over 81 exotic languages, with positive and negative attitudes assessed and built on English sentiment lexicons.

4. ImageNet: It is the largest image dataset for computer vision. It provides a helpful picture database that is structured centrally.

5. Kinetics-700: This is a large-scale dataset of Youtube video URLs. Human-centered actions are included. There are almost 700,000 videos on there.

Verified datasets from Data science communities. 

LabelMe is an MIT-published computer vision data set that allows individuals to participate using an annotation tool. The photos can be downloaded or worked with online using the MatLab toolset.

Google Open Images is a large dataset (as befitting all Google contributions) that includes connections to millions of labeled public images organized into thousands of categories. For even more open source security, the images are under a creative commons license.

VisualGenome is a knowledge store with over 100,000 images and millions of annotated features, interconnections, and visual question responses, VisualGenome is an ongoing project integrating "organized image concepts to language."

Amazon Reviews is a dataset containing around 35 million Ratings and reviews from the last two decades, together with the product they are linked with.

MS Marco (Microsoft Machine Reading Comprehension Dataset) is a Microsoft resource for deep learning in search.


A good dataset is essential for a successful machine learning model. Take into account that the dataset should meet the needs of your project. The amount of occurrences, the dataset's balance, and whether it includes all the items you need to classify are all important factors to consider. Then, using these dataset finders, choose the one that will provide the finest data framework for the AI model you're creating. 

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