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March 8, 2021

Algorithm training: EcoVadis uses isahit

March 8, 2021

Algorithm training: EcoVadis uses isahit

EcoVadis trusts isahit to train its "Live News" algorithm to classify CSR press articles (positive and negative) captured worldwide (200,000 articles per week).

"It has never been so crucial for the companies present on the EcoVadis platform to be informed in real time of any controversy revealed by NGOs or the press on ethical, social and/or environmental issues. All mentions of CSR practices of all our buyers' commercial partners are processed daily and then integrated on a news feed: Live News.

At each reevaluation period of a company, the archived Live News are also consulted by EcoVadis CSR analysts in addition to the results of our external monitoring tool "360° Watch Findings" which directly impacts the EcoVadis scores.

To learn more about EcoVadis: see their internet site

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