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Are you looking for a new, meaningful, innovative and socially impactful work experience?
Join Isahit, an agile, innovative start-up with a social impact!

About isahit

Isahit is a socially responsible digital outsourcing startup specializing in impact sourcing.
The platform makes it possible to create a link between artificial intelligence and human intelligence.
The Isahit community of HITers (HIT: human intelligence task) steps in when human intelligence is needed: during the machine learning phase and when the machine encounters a previously unknown situation.
Isahit is part of a co-development approach and measures its impact according to 3 main pillars:

In order to help with our international expansion, we are looking for employees who share our values such as collaboration, fairness, transparency, communication and benevolence, and who wish to evolve within a young and dynamic team.

Logo B Corp - isahit is the first european and ethical AI company certified B Corp

Join a project with impact and give meaning to your career !

Isahit is the first European ethical AI company certified B Corp ! The B Corporations are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. We are proud of this certification which is encouraging us everyday in our decision making.
Engaging with us means taking part in our mission to encourage social inclusion through work and training !

3 women working together on a project - isahit provides a supportive environment and group work

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