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Car accident report recognition

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Image Annotation
Video Annotation
Data Processing

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Automotive & Logistics
Various Business Services
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Filling out a car accident report is not something people enjoy doing. We can therefore put ourselves in the shoes of the person in charge of processing thousands of car accident reports; it is not an enjoyable task for sure. The good news, artificial intelligence can handle this time-consuming task thanks to computer vision algorithms. The machine learning algorithms are able to process car accident reports faster than a human and without getting fed up of doing it. Isn't it awesome? Now, before ML algorithms become completely accurate and efficient, they need some training.

Image annotation by Isahit

As we mentioned earlier, ML algorithms are able to achieve great and beautiful results. However, it is essential to add a human touch so they can be as effective as possible. This being said, when it comes to car accident report algorithms, it is essential to train them to recognize what is actually a car accident report. Our job at Isahit will be to annotate a significant amount of car accident reports in different ways so that the ML algorithms can recognize and process them autonomously.

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