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Drones Annotation

Type of solution:

Image Annotation
Video Annotation

Type of industry:

Automotive & Logistics
Agriculture & Energy
Various Business Services
Culture & Sports
Engineering & Construction
Public & Government
Science & Technology
Travel & Tourism
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Sometimes the police can’t unfortunately help those in need at the right time. Thanks to drones, law enforcement officers can be aware of crisis situations in real time and take action quickly. How does it work concretely? There is a computer vision algorithm integrated in the drone, it allows processing the images taken and warns law enforcement if it judges them alarming. It is therefore crucial that the algorithm is well trained so it does not send false alarms, this is when Isahit steps in.

What does Isahit do for computer vision algorithms?

In order for artificial intelligence to perform as well as possible, it needs to be assisted by human intelligence. Regarding machine learning algorithms, especially computer vision algorithms, they need to be trained so they can function properly. Isahit helps with that training by providing image or video annotations. In the case of drones, we could annotate huge samples of images referring to a dangerous situation so the algorithm can be aware of what a dangerous situation looks like and report it immediately back to law enforcement officers.

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