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December 1, 2017

isahit and InnovAdvisor join forces to give digital work

December 1, 2017

isahit and InnovAdvisor join forces to give digital work

InnovAdvisor entrusts the management and enrichment of its database to isahit, the socially responsible startup of impact sourcing, which gives dignity through digital work to people looking for additional income in Africa.

In France there are almost 25 000 startups and 3 500 large companies, ETI or research laboratories. All have their specificities with several thousand or even millions of information, which it is important to qualify either by artificial intelligence software or manually. Isahit's ability to handle these consuming tasks in short time and with good quality control is a great opportunity for InnovAdvisor.

Founded by Robert Kalocsai and Thierry Pinar, InnovAdvisor is the Hub of collaborative innovation that directly links innovative SMEs/startups and large public/private order-makers. A bouquet of services allows to source partners, to consult and carry out evaluations and to respond in a collaborative way to calls for proposals and invitations to tender, all in a climate of confidence and security conducive to the development of the business.

To quickly enrich its database of more than 25 000 startups, InnovAdvisor is based on Isahit, which inserts people from emerging countries into the world of work, in search of income supplements, while Training in the digital professions.

"We have full confidence in isahit that trains and gives new opportunities to HITers[1] That enrich our database. Artificial intelligence cannot do everything and a human look is indispensable on these types of treatments.  We are also delighted to participate in the socio-economic development of the population in search of income supplement in Africa. The continent is increasingly dynamic and digital is one of the major levers in its development. », Says Robert Kalocsai president of InnovAdvisor.

[1] HIT: Human Intelligence Task

For a more social and responsible "click Economy".

Isahit has entrusted 22 000 tasks to its 27 HITers, based in 5 African countries. They spent several hours, the equivalent of 2 months of work to complete more than 200 000 fields: Names of managers of startups and their contact details, turnovers, links to social networks, etc.

A laborious job of searching for information on search engines, directories, search tools of mails, to cross them to other sources, such as press articles for example. Then, the automatic and Intelligent Data Control tool developed by Isahit comes to normalize the information: format of the phone number, mail site or verification of links types URLs and addresses.
"We are part of a co-development process with InnovAdvisor. On the one hand, we support its growth by letting its employees focus on the essentials rather than worrying about managing time-consuming digital tasks, and on the other hand, we make it aware of the development issues in emerging countries. », says Isabelle Mashola, President of isahit.

Isahit was able to measure the impact of the InnovAdvisor mission, which allowed to train the numerical and labour codes about fifteen people and to Bancariser about ten.

About Isahit

Isahit is part of a co-development process by restoring dignity and opportunities through work to those wishing to finance their studies, start an entrepreneurial project, acquire financial independence or for any Simply improve their living conditions.

To avoid a digital divide, the startup's mission is to give the opportunity to the talents that do not have the means to form and to connect to the digital, through the work.

Isahit has more than 145 HITers on its crowdsourcing platform, mainly women, distributed in 7 countries of Francophone Africa. Isahit aims to establish itself in 10 countries in Francophone and Anglophone Africa at the end of 2017 and to collect 10 000 HITers to create a social impact with 40 000 people, within 4 to 5 years.

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